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Citizenship: Russia

"good treasure"


MK I remember how she first came to us. It was the spring of 1961. The day was crazy. After a week had to begin summer courses for teachers. Telephone popped incessantly. I pressed the phone to his ear shoulder, while finishing some urgent paper, answering questions from staff ... I went and told the secretary that the reception waiting for some kind of an elderly woman. "But it was not enough, and" - I sighed. "She did not hurry, on the contrary, calm, smiling, but somehow it is awkward to make her wait." - "Please invite her!" I came in graying statuesque woman said hello, introduced herself and immediately added: "I can wait as long as you like, or go to another time ... "But the conversation has already begun - not so much the words - I seated it in the cabinets of the window - how many eyes. And now I see those eyes: large, dark brown, shiny ... I apologized for the turmoil, promising that it is now over. And turmoil really was over in five minutes. In the paper, I put an end, calls subsided, questions have dried up ... Looking up, I met all of the same opinion, which was immediately calm the soul.

Zinaida Naumovna said she would like to work in our institute.

You`ve got to at least briefly to clarify that it was for the Institute.

Then there were the capitals of the territories and regions of the former Soviet Union the small schools - Teacher Training Institutes. Working conditions in OIUU (as they were called for short) have been difficult. Pay less than in schools, and vacation was short. While a good half-time took trips. We had to ride on any transport, walking on the road, the night - at best - in the houses of peasants, and even on the sofas and tables in school. One of our companions used to say: "My dog ??remembers our institute, when I`m going on a business trip," OIUU-oo-oo "But there were people who loved this hectic work and were able to do it ...!

Here in this institution - Leningrad Oblast - and wanted to work Zinaida Naumovna. She said that slovesnitsa, was director of the school. Salaries it is not necessary: ??it has a pension. - "And what would do?" - "I would like to help teachers learn their experience. Yes Yes! I thought over it. "

And Zinaida Naumovna spoke about her plans. Among the teachers a lot of experienced and talented, for them the best training - the study of their own experience. Bad-rooted tradition: the teacher`s report of the work experience is understood as a report, the report - and, of course, only the achievements. Students in these reports, and if present, appear as a single, understands everything and obedient mass: answer questions, perform tasks. Meanwhile, the teacher`s work is full of problems. It is akin to the study. Here and need help: training, consulting ...

I said that the idea is good: accurately predict long-felt need. He suggested: "That`s 12 hours - 15 minutes - all the Methodists gather to talk about the availability of summer courses for teachers. You will get acquainted with everyone. And tell us about the plan. ? Agree "-" I`ll try. "

One of the trainers, perhaps surprised at such a rapid, but all listened with attention and sympathy - perhaps, again, fascinated eyes ...

The idea was accepted. We decided to try this summer - with the teachers, who themselves wish.

In the autumn we managed to get the Ministry of Education - on an experimental basis - the right to organize special courses on pedagogical research. And methodologist rate given. We see brief "thaw" helped ...

Zinaida Naumovna for work was a true joy. You should have seen how she listened to the reports of teachers: every good idea and played on her face. Zinaida Naumovna not like to sit in any Presidency, and I have always sought out in the hall of her face, so I am sure that everything goes well.