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forex specialist: Money is not happiness!

But when she spoke, all doubts vanished, it was just she - a woman who graduated from the famous St. Petersburg FINEC, top-class economist. However, first things first. Our hero begins his story as follows: "My name is Bondar Zinaida I am living in Israel for more than a year, I came here because I met an Israeli, we fell in love and got married ....".

- Zinaida, in one sentence, you mentioned in passing so many important things. It would be more ...

- I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, but wanted to live in a country where there is no winter and frost. I honestly do not expect that life will lead me just to Israel. Although my parents had a similar story. Dad I from Peter, and my mother - in the south of Russia from Krasnodar. I always wondered how my mother went to another city to the Pope? I do not understand how it could change the sun and the sea on the permanent leaden sky Peter. I was always attracted to the warm countries, but at the same time it seemed that it was not available. But as they say, be afraid of their desires, sometimes they can be implemented.

- So how`s your dream come true?

- We met her future husband online. Some difficulties were in the life of him, some - for me, and we found each other support. We talked all night, sometimes because of this late work. We agreed to meet, then - about one and away we go ... We realized that we should be together! From the moment we exchanged the first phrase on the Web, and the wedding took place exactly one year.

- What language did you speak?

- In Russian, my husband - a native of Russia. Honestly, I could not even dream that a man with such a beautiful Russian language, having read so many works of Russian literature - Israeli. When I realized it, it was too late to retreat. By the way, one of the decisive moments in the decision that I`m moving to Israel, and not my husband in Russia (and he was ready to do so), it was a question of a career. My husband - a high-level programmer, and found in Russia this kind of work, which it has in Israel, it would be difficult. But for men is very important self-realization, and I understand that. So to me it was easier to agree to move to it than him - move in with me, because my work is connected with the computer and the Internet. I can work anywhere, as long as I was with my laptop. But my husband`s willingness to take risks and to take off in Russia made an impression on me. So I, too, in turn, ventured, as never for a moment regretted.

- I think it was a very female thing. After all, a woman must give way to compromise, and ...

- In fact, it was not easy. There were a lot of problems - and the language barrier, and career prospects. In St. Petersburg, I was already quite well-known expert in your field, and in Israel, it was necessary to start from scratch. But, after weighing all the prospects, I realized that the Israeli market, perhaps even more interesting than the St. Petersburg market.

- And what did you do in St. Petersburg? Forex?

- It started it all with the Forex (currency exchange), then moved smoothly into the portfolio management of securities, then I went back to the Forex.

- It seems to me, the choice of profession is akin to choosing a life partner, and maybe it`s even more than that. Marriage to a man and can not develop, and the profession remains for life. Many people choose a matter of life because it is promising and well paid. Or are my options?

- It may well be the "marriage of convenience", which then turns into a love marriage. Moreover, when you enter into "marriage" with a future profession, you weigh the benefits and the pleasure that it brings, and all the inconveniences. After all, for Any job we pay your time, nerves involved, taking it all from his personal life.

- And what do we get in return?

- Unimaginable sense of belonging to the global economic events. Frustrating very difficult to understand that he too could become a full part of this system. But when to conduct operations on the stock exchange, you feel it fully. Because the money - it is a powerful energy, and the desire of millions of people their money can not affect through price fluctuations, reflected on a computer monitor, on your own feelings.

- For you, the economy has been a choice of the mind or the heart?

- In my family, it was thought that a girl has to feed herself. A way to do this in the mid-90s there were few, either economic or legal. I went to school with an economic bias, and for lack of a better bit into the economy. At some point I wanted to go into journalism or even in philosophy, but the family has forbidden, and thank them for it. Life is disposed so that the learning process I came across the case, which I lit and are engaged in so far.

- You`ll mentality technician or humanities?

- I`ve always been amused by the time of finding their role among the "physicists" and "poets". Some areas of the economy associated with the work of the people - this management, and resource management, and marketing. This is the "lyrical" subsistence economy to succeed, it is necessary to find a common language with different categories of people, but it needs to be a psychologist. On the other hand, it is good to calculate the profits, to be able to predict and analyze necessary technical base - the "physics" of the economy. I like to refer to themselves as humanitarians and to techies, because in the end always wins the golden mean.

- In Israel, almost all immigrants face hardships absorption. You, as I understand it, this cup has passed?

- I went to ulpan and parallel to look for work. Luckily, I found out through a friend that the "City College" interested in the Russian language teacher in that area, which I do. I came here in July, and in late August, has already taught. To my shame, civilized learning Hebrew at this end. Now my Hebrew - is the result of self-study and dialogue with the Israelis. Fortunately, you can always find a common language with the Israelites, saying in English.

- And how did "FxStrategy"?

- I quietly continued to trade on the Stock Exchange from home, but I wanted to grow relationships, customers, and implemented in the Israeli society. I read in the "City College" about five courses and there is "overgrown" and customers, and bonds. Somewhere in the middle of last summer, that is, one year stay in the country, I discovered on the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan own office, on the basis of which continue to provide training and consulting and analytical support to clients who through me become involved in forex trading.

- In general, how does it work? Really anyone can learn Forex?

- Well, first of all, not gods burn pots. Anyone can open an account, download the program and, with skills to work in the Internet, to learn something. By the way, this can be done via the website of our company www.fxstrat.co.il. And secondly, technically learn Forex trading can be very quickly how to drive. But any professional activity in addition to theoretical knowledge requires the skills and ideas of how it should work correctly. That`s what courses are needed.

- Is it possible to trade in the Forex market without training?

- If a person does not want to take the course, but he is interested to work with us, no problem. He comes to the office and get a free consultation, we will tinker with it until it starts to turn out. I am vitally interested in the fact that the man whom I consult, would have been successful. There are people who have come prepared. They say, "I`ll read it, I know Just show me what program to download and work through a broker.". You are welcome. Comes another person: "I am about this heard something and I`m interested, but I do not know where to start." Please, is the course for him. We have about seven courses for clients of varying degrees of readiness. Including free courses.

- People do not like to lose money. You can ensure that they are in the end is still to win, or at least remain at its?

- It all depends what kind of procedure you manage risk when trading. If you are willing to receive the order of 0.5-1 percent profit per month, that is absolutely one hundred percent a strategy that will prevent you from losing money.

But for many this is not enough, because the profits in the Forex market can be as high as 50 percent under good circumstances. We guarantee to have graduated from courses that 5 per cent per month, they will be able to do. If they strictly follow the rules that we carefully explain to them in the learning process.

- Which main rule are obliged to follow your students under any circumstances?

- Do not bring your strategy! There are times when it seems that everything is against you, and God forbid, to go on about the emotions. And that I can not teach. It can be very funny when a person is warned not to do anything, under any circumstances, but passes some time, he calls and says, "Zinaida, you warned me, but I still did it." Well, well, next time do not exactly repeat itself. Another nuance - people characterized by greed: a person realizes that he is disciplined earns its 5 per cent per month, but if you take a chance, you can get all 20. But you can not. Despite the ease and availability of the money, it`s very hard work, rejecting a lot of time and nerves. Therefore, we must pay tribute to the rules.

- Sometimes it is said that Forex - this is a business "for the lazy" ...

- I do not believe in the business for the lazy at all. Miracles do not happen. When a person is engaged in work that requires lightning-fast reaction and serious self-control, what can be lazy? If the strategy you need to get up at six in the morning and every hour, or every four hours to make a decision on promotion positions, neither of which laziness and can be no question. There are times when I actively trades, and there are times when I am actively rest. All no money, so I do not need this. When I`m off the market, then I have a healthy strong and long sleep, and when in the market, then I sleep for 4-5 hours a day. On the other hand, there are strategies for which enough look at schedules once a day or a week. And there are graphics that require sitting in front of attached monitor. Everyone can find their strategy. The more actively you work, the more active you earn, but you can try to use forex as a part-time job, a hobby, or so-called "extra money" on the studs. And it should work.

- How much money have to start to start the game?

- One of the reasons for the availability and attractiveness of Forex - this is a very low entry barrier. To give your money to manage the broker on the same Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, you must have at least tens of thousands of shekels. And work on the Forex market allows you to try your hand, with 200-500 dollars. Of course, to make money on this, you can not do anything. What is 5 percent of the $ 200? But it can be useful narabotkoyopyta. If you see that you can make from $ 200 thousand for a couple of months, you will be willing to invest for 5 or 10 thousand dollars.

People come to me and pensioners who sit at home, they are bored. They open an account, start working and get pleasure from involvement in business. On the other hand, come the boys from the high-tech, which are ready to take the risk of, say, 5 thousand dollars. They start to buy, sell, speculate and, as a rule, are satisfied.

- To what extent have to be a risky person engaged in Forex? Can I throw most of the work and completely go in the Forex?

- When I got my degree, I got a job at a consulting firm and worked in it and a half years. But I always remember feeling that brings the game in the Forex market, and I wanted to go back. We can say that this is the only thing I know how to do and know how to do well. I left work, moreover, I was taught a very large number of people in Russia at the time. Many of them went to the main work, which did not suit, and started playing in the Forex market. Here you work on itself, there is a sense of freedom from external liabilities. You can not come to the office by 9 am, you have no boss, no jobs involving all hands ... The whole schedule to build for himself. But it`s not for everyone. For many, it is important to make decisions for them by someone else. These people work in the Forex market does not work, and no pleasure from it, too, will not. But if that person is not happy, if he understands that life is one, and it is short, and you need to decide whether you want me or not - it is worth a try. You just have to dip into it as the sea. It did not work - hence, did not happen. And if it turned out that you will be happy that at some point, made this decision.

- At the Forex money speculating. Play or increase, or decrease. What, for instance, to do all the time if the dollar falls?

- The fall of the dollar to us, currency traders - it is manna from heaven. Over the past three months, we were able to earn 7000 dollars. In principle, the dollar`s decline on the stock exchange are rare, and rely on these profits does not make sense. There is a joke that can be traded even though the weather when it makes sharp jumps. If there is a collapse, which you expect, you know that you rejoice with a certain number of people around the world - in Tokyo, London and on Wall Street, Frankfurt ...

- What can you ensure that the person who will come to your course? What you have is so special, that no other?

- We demand from the person during the training, which lasts up to two months, full-time commitment. We have important feedback, working out at home is important material. We are - practical center, and we are giving skills. There were moments in my life when I saved it my profession, practical skills that I possess. And so to me it is not important that the person attended a course at the pretty girl Zina, namely acquired profession and was grateful for that.

- A TRADE ture able to rest?

- In the last Sukkot we took a trip to Antalya. But the devil pulled me - I took a lap-top. And in the end, to the dismay of her husband, almost all the time spent in the lobby where there was internet. There were a lot of very good situation, which was a pity to lose. I am for the first three days fought off the cost of our tours and even earn some pennies for which we went to do the shopping. But it is a curious case, and in principle, we have a rest, as well as all the people who work well. Such people should be able to relax and spend the money earned.

- Traders in the Forex market have a motto, they are comforted, if you suddenly lose?

- "Money can not buy happiness!"