Zigmas Zemaitis

Picture of Zigmas Zemaitis

Date of Birth: 08/11/1884

Age: 84

Place of birth: a. Daktoryay

Citizenship: Latvia


Born in a village 2 km from the town Tverecius. In 1903-1909 he studied at the University of Odessa. Since 1905 participated in the Lithuanian press, publishing various kinds of correspondence, articles, notes on various topics of cultural, social and political life. After graduation, he returned to Lithuania. In Vilna helped him find a job DI Dovgyallo. Zemaitis worked in several educational institutions, including private women`s gymnasium; He participated in the activities of the Lithuanian Scientific Society and the Lithuanian Art Society.

During the First World War was a Lithuanian gymnasium teacher in Voronezh (1915-1918). In 1918 he founded the Lithuanian high school in Svencionys. In autumn 1919 he moved to Kaunas and became the director of the Commercial School. He became one of the organizers and leaders of the Higher Courses in Kaunas in 1920, on the basis of which later appeared Lithuanian University (later Vytautas Magnus University). In the years 1922-1940 Professor of the University of Kaunas of Lithuania. In the years 1929-1940 was also chairman of the Lithuanian aviation club.

Since 1940 Professor of Vilnius University, he served as vice-rector. In the years 1944-1964 Head of the Department of Mathematical Analysis of the Vilnius State University. In the years 1946-1948 the rector of Vilnius State University. He was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic (1947-1950), Vice-Chairman of the Mathematical Society of the Lithuanian SSR (1961-1968).

The scientific activity

Scientific activity includes mainly the methodology and improving the teaching of mathematics and the history of mathematics. He took part in the improvement of high school programs in the development of the Lithuanian mathematical terminology.

Awards and Titles

Honored Scientist of the Lithuanian SSR (1959)

Honored Worker of Culture of the Lithuanian SSR (1964).