Zhanna Glozman

Picture of Zhanna Glozman

Date of Birth: 12/28/1940

Age: 75

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Glozman Markovna Jeanne was born December 28, 1940 in Moscow

Glozman JM He works at the Faculty of Psychology since 1970 as a junior researcher, since 1977 senior researcher, since 1993 - leading researcher of the Laboratory of Neuropsychology Faculty of Moscow State University of Psychology. Since 2000, the scientific director of the Research Center of Pediatric Neuropsychology.

She graduated in 1963 from the Moscow Linguistic University on specialty "General Linguistics" and in 1970 the department of neuro-psychology and abnormal psychology faculty of Moscow State University. MV University (with honors). The head of the thesis was AR Luria. In 1974 she defended under the guidance of LS Tsvetkova PhD thesis on "Neuropsychological and Neurolinguistic agrammatism analysis in aphasia." In 2000 she defended her doctoral thesis on the topic: "Neuropsychology of communication." In 2001 he was awarded the honorary title "Honored Researcher of the Moscow University." Academic title of professor was conferred in 2002

Field of Professional cial interests

Neuropsychology, Neurolinguistics, neuropsychology elderly, child neuropsychology, neurophysiology history. Substantiated and developed a new scientific direction "Neuropsychology of communication", representing the systematic analysis of disorders of communication in their relationship to personality changes. Author quantitative evaluation of the data of the original scale Lurievskogo neuropsychological testing for adults and children, published in Russian, English and Portuguese. By measuring the quality of life scale of the chronically ill and their families, published and used in Russian, English, French, Spanish, Czech and Greek.

Under the leadership of JM Glozman reserved 10 master`s theses and 3 are preparing to defend.

Educational activity

ZH.M Glozman reading courses for students of neuropsychology and the department of psychology of personality the Faculty of Psychology "Personality disorders and communication" and "Neuropsychology of communication," Special practical guides on neuropsychological correction, conducts a course of specialization in neuropsychological diagnostics for young professionals MGPPU, reads neuropsychology courses for psychologists and the Institute of applied educational psychology (IPAF) in Brazil and Portugal.

Awards, awards, academic recognition

She was awarded the medal "Veteran of Labor" (1994), Medal of the Krakow Academy of Rehabilitation (1994), a medal "850 anniversary of Moscow" (1997), a medal "250th anniversary of Moscow State University" (2005), Prize Vygotsky Portuguese society "Vygotsky learning "(2010).

The scientific activity of JM Glozman received international recognition: she was elected a full member of the New York Academy of Sciences, a member of the International Committee of the International Neuropsychiatric Association and the Scientific Advisory Board of the American Biographical Institute, an honorary member of the Polish Society of neuropsychologists. She is also a member of the editorial board of the international journal "Neuropsychology Review" and "Acta Neuropsychologica". Biography JM Glozman published in the 14 edition of the "Who`s Who in the World" (1997), in his book "2000 outstanding people of the 20th century" (1998), in the book "Famous Russian" (1999), in the 6th and the 9th edition of " who`s who in science and technology "(2001 and 2006), in his book" 2000 outstanding scientists of the 21st century "(2004), a biographical dictionary" Moscow University in the women`s faces "(2004), in the" Encyclopedia of Moscow State University, Department of psychology, Biographical dictionary (2006). "

Publications and reports

JM Glozman is the author and editor of 340 scientific papers (including 22 monographs, and textbooks), published in Russian, English, French, German, Portuguese and Polish. She has performed with the reports led symposia and meetings of more than 100 international and national conferences, including 26, 27, 28, 29 International Congress of Psychology, 4th International Congress on neurolinguistics, the 8th International Physiological Congress, 5 th, 6 th All-Union Congress of psychologists of the USSR, 3 and 4-th Congress of the RPO, the 3rd European Congress of neurological, 11 European Congress of psychologists, 27 International Congress of applied psychology and OE