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Date of Birth: 03/17/1909

Age: 34

Place of birth: village. Kupsola

Citizenship: Russia

So this is how Mustafa!

Author: Marina Kuznetsova

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The current generation of young people are unlikely to have seen "start in life" (tape almost 70 years) and can hardly imagine what a resounding success fell to the lot of the first sound feature film - a labor commune former street kids. In Moscow cinema "Colossus," "Road to Life" was more than a year -1200 sessions. At the end of 1932 the film was shown in 27 countries. Reviews of the foreign press - enthusiastic. German newspapers wrote: painting "has a tough skin and a gentle soul she is highly artistic ....". "Among the artists participating in the film stands a young Mari J. Kyrlya playing Mustafa ... We can not forget Nikolai Batalov, who as a former street tutor ... shows amazing intelligence and kindness."

The film is based on true stories - stories of creation in 1926 Bolshevo labor commune GPU, organizer and leader of which became prominent Chekist MS Pogrebinsky. (For a relentless struggle against counterrevolution Pogrebinsky was awarded the Order of the Red Banner and personal weapons of war.) On innovative pedagogical experiment Pogrebinsky told in his two books: "The labor commune OGPU" (1928) and "Factory People" (1929). Of course, the street children was declared a terrible legacy of the First World War and military intervention. Before rental "lease on life" in Paris, the French censor Eck asked to make a small amendment to the text: homelessness in the Soviet Union - the result of the October Revolution. "With such a distortion of the facts was impossible to accept, and the prime minister banned", - the director recalled. But come to the aid of progressive French public, which, under pressure from the demonstration was allowed to film. Alas, the progressive community had no idea of ??any of the surplus-appropriation system, obrekshey to starvation, tens of thousands of peasant families or of the bloody suppression of the Kronstadt and the East Siberian riots, nor revolt against Soviet rule in eastern Ukraine, in Tambov and other provinces ...

Yvan Kyrlya grew up an orphan. He was born March 17, 1909 in the village of Mari Kupsola. His father, kombedovtsa killed his fists, his mother was left with three children on his hands. But Kyrlya managed to finish school and enroll in technical school of Kazan University. Yyvan shone in the amateur, and teachers noticed his extraordinary artistic abilities, gave him a "free pass" - the direction of the acting department of the State Customs Committee.

After the release of the movie on the screen Nikolai Ekk young actor Yvan Kyrlya (Ivanov Kirill Ivanovich) has become a real folk artist, although honorary titles had. His Mustafa loved, because this image is different from many monochrome characters then Soviet cinema. ( "Chapayev" released three years later). On the man lived - bright, charming and incredibly complicated (as terrible huddled in the slits of his eyes in an episode of thieves "raspberry"!), With initially crippled by fate, but broke with the past and died for the right to become a worthy citizen. Uttered by Mustafa replica literally "taken away" in the proverb: "Sleight of hand and no moshenstva", "apple Hotz!".

After shooting Eck came up for Kyrlya concert program, in which the actor performed in costume and make-up Mustafa. "The audience broke the doors cinemas ... wanted to see a live Mustafa!" - Recalled Kyrlya partner in the film, who plays Gigue Mikhail Zharov.

With Kyrlya it was impossible to walk the streets of Moscow - he was immediately surrounded by a crowd of fans. "Did you not kill Zhigan?" - Once asked in astonishment Kyrlya some kid. A Yyvan fooling around, then I tell the people that it was not he, but his brother was Mustafa; then he is posing as a foreigner and was happy as a boy, when he took over the Japanese. He was a cheerful, good-natured and ... love. Lovers in cinema, poetry - Kyrlya wrote and published childishly naive, artless and sincere poetry. But the biggest and sublime love was the actor to the Soviet homeland, the great Lenin and the revolution; "We live our age - we pile in the name of a new life celebration ever we must remember Lenin`s words!". One of the books Yvan Kyrlya, published during his lifetime (in the Mari language), called "Voice of the Revolution I sing for joy."

After kinotehnikuma actor worked in the studio "Vostokfilm" in 1934-1936 years starred in the film "Buddha`s Vicar" - he played the role of llama. In early 1937 Kyrlya moved to Yoshkar-Ola, and became an artist Mari State Drama Theatre. But suddenly Yvan Kyrlya "somewhere for a long time disappeared" (composer Sigismund Katz). "Then the next Kyrlya lost ..." (Nikolai Ekk). "There were rumors that he had died in the war" (Mikhail Zharov).

No, Kyrlya not killed in the war - two months after his arrival at home, "arrested the director of the theater, and the authorities that I was invited to work as enemies of the people, and after a while the April 23, 1937, and arrested me as a partner of the counterrevolutionary groups . During the investigation I have nothing to confess he could not, because I did not do anything. After sitting in jail for five months, I was sent to B.B.K. camp, where he announced to me that I was convicted of the NKVD troika Map. republic Wed 10 years, Art K.R.D. (counterrevolutionary activity), -.. Kyrlya wrote in the petition in the name of Beria Response Yvan Kyrlya not wait Officially, he died in the camp in the Urals in July `43... .. And Pogrebinsky shot April 4, 1937-th, being chief of the NKVD Gorky region. he found himself on the raw material, "people factory" ...

Yvan Kyrlya was a real Soviet person, selflessly devoted to the Soviet government, which has given him everything. But all and it is taken away. Even the life of ...

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