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Yuri Dymkov Maksimovic (born in 1926). - Russian mineralogist, a specialist in the field of genetic mineralogy, paragenesis and ontogenesis of uranium-bearing mineral veins. A graduate of the Faculty of Geological MGRI (MGRU). Leading Researcher Research Institute of Chemical Technology.

One of the founders (along with Dmitry Grigoriev and Zhabin AG), a promising new direction in the mineralogy - ontogeny of minerals. YM Dymkov made a major contribution to the theory of mineralogy. He was first deciphered ontogeny and mechanisms of nucleation and growth spherocrystals, identified ways of splitting the constituent fiber of individuals and forms of phase transformations accompanying crystallization. YM Dymkova first managed to find in the nature of accretion of minerals that crystallize on the VLS-mechanism to identify signs of gas and gravitational differentiation of fluids arising during krustifikatsionnogo and metasomatic crystal growth, explain the features of the melting of the dendrites of native bismuth, followed by hydrothermal transport melt drops and re-crystallization. They developed a model of film growth mechanism and metakristallov metasferolitov.

Full member of the Russian Mineralogical Society since 1965. He has published over 80 scientific publications and two books - "The nature of the uranium ore tar" and "paragenesis minerals uranium-bearing veins."