Yury Budanov

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Place of birth: Donetsk region (Ukraine)

Citizenship: Russia



* Date of Birth


* Place of Birth

Donetsk region (Ukraine)


He graduated from the Kharkov Tank School.

In 1999 he graduated from the Academy of Armored Forces. Marshal Malinovsky.


Commander of the Order of Courage.

Family status

Married. He has a son and a daughter.

Key biographies

Until 1990, he served in Hungary, then - in Belarus.

In January 1995, in Chechnya, in the explosion of a land mine I got brain contusion with transient loss of consciousness.

In 1998 he was appointed commander of the 160th Guards Tank Regiment.

In October and November 1999, when the bursting shells and tank shelling of a grenade launcher twice received a brain concussion.

The title of "Colonel" was ahead of schedule in January 2000, during a counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya.

March 28, 2000 near the village of Tangi-Chu was taken into custody on charges of kidnapping, rape and murder of Elza Kungayeva.

In February 2001, the hearings on the case of Budanov.

July 3, 2002, instead of sentencing the court has decided to appoint the following assessment.

A total of four examinations were conducted. First held in Novocherkassk military experts, on an outpatient basis, and recognized Colonel sane on all counts of the charges. The second - held in the same place, only in a hospital. The third expert doctors conducted the National Centre for Forensic Psychiatry named after the Serbian. Yuri Budanov, according to their opinion, in the time of the crime was insane, and the court on this ground could release colonel from custody.

18 November 2002 re-materials complex psychological and psychiatric examination of Colonel Budanov again sent to the Military Court of the North Caucasus region in the Rostov-on-Don.

December 31, 2002 declared insane at the time of the murder of Chechen girl Elza Kungayeva and sent for compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital (exempted from criminal liability).

February 28, 2003, the Supreme Court sent the "Budanov case" for a new trial.

July 25, 2003 Court of North Caucasus Military District sentenced Budanov to 10 years` imprisonment in a strict regime colony.

He was found guilty on all three articles incriminated him - kidnapping, murder and abuse of power. The court found Budanov sane and deprived the defendant rank colonel and state award "Order of Courage." He was also forbidden to hold executive positions for a period of 3 years.

Third-party evaluation, characteristics

Records Budanov initially indistinguishable from thousands of similar. Slowly ran up a standard staircase officer: commander of a platoon, company, battalion, the first Chechen war, the first concussion ... All changes dramatically on the eve of the second Chechen, when 36-year-old Lieutenant Colonel Budanov, he graduated from the Academy of Armored Forces, takes the post of commander of a separate tank regiment (almost 100 tanks). Six weeks later the regiment put forward from the Baikal region in Chechnya under the command of the commander of the Western Group of Forces General Shamanov. "Russian General Yermolov," as enthusiastic then called Shamanov, a young and promising regiment commander have to like.

Very quickly he received the rank of colonel Budanov and the Order of Courage. Soon the country will know their heroes in person: the front page of the "Red Star" adorns Budanov photograph. For the glory of the regiment assigned robust best in group. (Komsomolskaya Pravda, 2002)

The most important thing - Budanov was half of Chechnya with insignificant losses. Just one killed a driver! This could not boast of any other commander. But in late December, fighting broke out in the Wolf`s Gate Argun gorge. Task Regiment Budanov - take three commanding heights. Here lucky Colonel suffered the first losses.

It`s hard to maintain discipline in the army stalled. Budanov was doing it with his own thoughts: yelling at subordinates, occasionally throwing in their phones and all that falls under the arm. They say that the door to it was riddled with kung, because the colonel took a fashion shoot, if you went to him without knocking.

Once Budanov witnessed as contractor showed someone passing by on the major Arzumanyan: - brother, Strelna-ka at this "lumps" cigarette ... Colonel was furious. After beating the soldier on the ground, he immediately went to his tent and brought battered carton of cigarettes: - This is for you to smoke, son. And remember, the officer "chock" can not be called.

"I do not think his" scumbag "- said the lawyer Colonel Anatoly Mukhin. - Faithful, patriot ... The concepts of "honor, army, willingness to close the recess, if you want to be the Motherland", and for him this is not an empty phrase. You know, as he was called Shamans? Water Carrier. For being constantly singled regimental machine to bring in Tangi-Chu drinking water. And under the Duba-Yurt Budanov its responsibility opened the passage for three and a half thousand refugees at the checkpoint of the regiment, but had strict orders not to do so. Just I realized that this could turn into a riot ... "

Budanov has become a depressing state after heavy fighting in the Argun Gorge, where snipers were killed by many of his military friends. Budanov was sent on leave. Mother noticed drastic changes in his behavior - irritability, nervousness, constant headaches, unmotivated outbursts. He was constantly weeping over images of dead friends, he swore that he will track down "that same sniper." This occasion presented itself when one of the arrested militants have suspicious house. They say that one of them lived and de kind of woman sniper. For it considered the 18-year-old Elsa.

The examination found that at the time the murder took place a temporary painful disorder of the mental state of Budanov, so at that point it should be considered insane. ( "Parliamentary newspaper", 2002)

The tragic events that have become the subject of litigation today, took place in the night of 27 March 2000 in the village of Tangi-Chu. Another Day on March 26, as has established a consequence, Yuri Budanov, as commander of the 160th tank regiment stationed in Chechnya, made a joint booze with subordinates and with the chief of staff of the regiment Ivan Fedorov.

Then, already pretty dialed, Fedorov ordered to open fire on one of the houses of the village of Tangi-Chu in the Urus-Martan district of Chechnya - later on the court both claimed that the house was supposedly uninhabited and used by militants as a "lookout". At half past midnight on March 27 the epicenter of the event is moved to the village of Tangi-Chu. There Budanov with three more soldiers forcibly removed from the house of 18-year-old Elsa Kungayeva, pushed into the BMP and taken to the regiment. Further, according to investigators, Budanov was interrogated her in person, then strangled (!), And about three o`clock in the morning on March 27 at the command of his troops accompanied Budanov was taken Kungaeva corpse and buried in a forest plantation. Budanov himself first said that, they say, was killed by a Chechen, it turns out, a sniper. Then a colonel dismissed charges of raping Elsa Kungaeva. (Echo, Baku, 2002)

The former commander of the 58th Army General Vladimir Shamanov SCWO of Budanov. "He never hid behind the soldiers back. Sometimes, that to eliminate sniper Leszek (they are located in the cemetery of the village of Duba-Yurt, engaged the militants) Budanov, a tank crew, without additional accompaniment broke forward. He was everyone`s favorite, because neither a single successful operation did not pay the soldiers life. It was his command. " (Russian News, 2001)