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Date of Birth: 05/05/1937

Age: 79

Birthplace: Novosibirsk

Citizenship: Russia

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With film actor Yuri Nazarov talking correspondent Gennady Sukhin.

Author: Gennady Sukhin

Website: Celebrities

- The publishing house "Art" had to get out your book "Not about the movie."

- Publisher, alas, "died." Recently I was in Primorye and table talk uttered: "I wrote a book about his own life." And I answered: "All printing costs - at your expense, and the book will be released tomorrow."

- Why is it called "... not about the movie?"

- In it I talked about home, about his childhood, about friends. It turned out this interview with yourself. But as yet it has been involved in a film, remembered and dear to me the role: in the films of Andrei Tarkovsky, in the "Little Vera".

- Do not you too reticent in talking about work?

- That there should be a self-esteem to have to say that I have, they say, his performance as, say, Sergeant Ukhanova in "Hot Snow" world is blessed! Acting - a strange profession. And if you have the unsubstantiated claims, painful arrogance, the grief and envy, that "it was I was supposed to play Hamlet, but I was not given" can be bent. But who of the actors did not feel such regret, which cost the actor`s fate without them? I had never thought that my life path is ideal, just trying to make a deal, trying to ...

- Ten-plus years ago, I wrote from the Screen Actors Guild in the Committee on State Prizes of the USSR submitted to the roles of performers in "Little Faith", and I remember you told me sadly, resignedly said: "It makes no sense ... I have so many times," pushes ".

- I have received for her performance as "folders" in this picture prize at the film festival "Constellation" (by the way, only my Film Award), but I can not name "Little Vera" his favorite movie. I like the realism of it "picking" in life, but there is no reflection of the terrible reality that sgnobila poor little people.

- Let`s go back to the past. From actor Yuri Nazarov was?

- As a boy I was terribly unhappy with his own childhood - to the post-war life I lacked the heroic situations. Gaidar envied kid, Pavel Korchagin ... But today, I am infinitely happy and proud that I belong to a generation of "children of war", the increased in 73 minutes male high school in the city of Novosibirsk. In 1954, I and my classmate and friend, now a famous writer Victor Lihonosova, went to enter the Shchukin School. He was not accepted, but because I did not quite like the talentless actor turned ...

I always thought and still think to this day that art - it`s all the same Department. And to preach from it, it is necessary to have something for the soul. In the 17 years I have been a fool, mama`s boy, at triple graduated from music school. Our Novosibirsk Theater "Red Torch" was going to Moscow on tour and I got to work the scene - very much like the capital to meet with Sholokhov. He did not in Veshenskaya, and in Moscow lived in Starokonyushny. I broke through to him through all retainers (if the guards had not been). The writer heard the noise, came out of the depths of the apartment: "What`s happened?" "Mikhail, - I say - I do not know how to live ...". - "Learn, my son, and learn -. Answered -. Eyes live with you, stronger." Maybe not really fussed my eyes then that? Yes, I have them, I think, and then not "fussed".

In short, having studied for six months in the Shchukin School, I ran away from there, so I do not understand "desire for communism". The country is called the virgin lands youth! He left me on the construction of bridges in Kazakhstan, then worked in stroykontore in Novosibirsk, Hammers on the Don, in the Agricultural Institute acted in Odessa Merchant Navy. Pester military offices, to get me into the army took away. And so far in the sense not to take: why producers are so fond of me in military roles to shoot? I stooped, toed ... Maybe because the tarpaulin boots and jackets love?

At age 19, I received a summons to the army. And this evil has taken me! Your mother, I come to you asking to two years - did not take, but now I`m not wanted. I tore agenda, boarded a train and went to the Shchukin "perepostupat". In college I remember, and in the military said: "We`ve already filled the lists Wait until August.". And I brought them a piece of paper that in a theater study in August. I had to become an artist.

- There are legends about the numerous family and Nazarov. Whispered that he and his children in the movie parked.

- And it is very necessary, about the family, then? I have in this regard its justification, and their wives - their charges: each - personal. Anyway. Sophisticated, neohvatnaya family I have. Five children from two wives, grandchildren as much, in-law. And what about the kids ... pristroystvo daughter graduated from the VGIK. The "stars" are not all cried, but films in twenty-starred. Now unemployed. Now the youngest actress wanted to, we had to "Budulay ..." starred together. Among other things, they with the eldest grandson of the same age.

- You after the "Pike", the three seem to have worked in the Theater of the Lenin Komsomol?

- Have worked. I did then and cinema, and the theater was going to throw. Such is my fate. Stupid. Do you think I miss today without acting job? No. But I write with pleasure, all there with the guts. I was not acting unemployment depresses. And while I do "on the side" looked. And then came "ukazivka" redundancy. And in the theater someone dawned: "Guys, we`ve Nazarov still can not decide what he wants his pasture.!" And I got fired.

By the time I was in five films starring, but still began to take exams in the Institute of Water Transport Engineers. There are two studios with an invitation to big roles came like rate increased ... And here I lie and think you a fool, twenty-five years soon, in the technique of the ram full can in the artists still remain? That remained. The staff of the theater-studio movie actor took ...

- ... Of which thirty years later "redundancy" and is fired?

- ... With the provision of post-usher cloakroom. Democratically and mercy. That noshus now like a mad cockroach, suggest themselves, though not know how to sell themselves. But the time is - "market". Work, however, have more "volunteer." He acted in Yekaterinburg, paid for the shooting, and scoring denezhek no. Such is the fate of today`s pensioners ...

- You, Yuri, the fate of all those commemorated. The horoscope is not dropped in to see what she is cooking for you?

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