Yuriy Kuznetsov

Picture of Yuriy Kuznetsov

Date of Birth: 09/03/1946

Age: 70

Place of birth: Abakan

Citizenship: Russia


The path to the theater

Yuri Kuznetsov was born in the city of Abakan Krasnoyarsk Territory in the family of the police officer. Recalling his childhood, Yuri Alexandrovich says that his father`s work colleagues were often in their homes, so that police service, he learned from an early age. Subsequently, it was useful to him, but later on this ...

While studying in school, Yuri joined the drama club. Theater is so fascinated the boy that when he graduated from high school, I decided to choose the path of acting.

In 1969, Kuznetsov graduated from the acting department of the Far Eastern Pedagogical Institute of Arts in Vladivostok (workshop V.Sundukovoy, S.Grishko, N.Krylova), and was accepted into the troupe of the Khabarovsk Drama Theatre, where he worked for ten years. Then, from 1979 to 1986 he worked at the Omsk Drama Theater. About that period of life Yuri Alexandrovich says: "School, I tell you, was unique. Provincial Theatre - This is not the Moscow- St. Petersburg, with three premieres per year. At the periphery of the year it produced seven or eight plays. Least. Each actor is busy daily, and most twice a day. And without potboiler! "

Movie. 80 - 90 years

In the movie, Yuri Kuznetsov came already in advanced age - 37 years. Then, in the early `80s he played in the famous Fomenko kinopovesti Seeds Aranovich "Torpedo" and the head of police department (that`s when you first come in handy knowledge of police life!) In the movie Alexis Herman, "My friend Ivan Lapshin".

These two paintings opened to a wide audience new interesting actor. And thanks to these pictures before Kuznetsov opened the doors of the Leningrad Comedy Theatre. Akimova, where he was admitted in 1986. On the stage of this theater, he worked for about ten years. Among the most famous performances of "Easy Money" (1986) and "Clean water Kitezh" (1988).

After moving to the northern capital fell down a lot of offers to act in films. Very soon, Yuri Kuznetsov was one of the most popular actors to perform the role of the second plan. Whom he has just played! Bandits and police, accidents and lovers of noble fathers, reliable friends and dangerous enemies. At the same time all his roles are combined and united by one feature - unconditional accuracy of the image. Low-key, muted appearance and an amazing sensitivity to the invisible eye of mental nuances of his characters allow the characters of this actor very truly exist in the frame.

Among his works: "Necklace Charlotte" (Korchenov), "Prohindiada, or running on the spot" (Vladimir), "Confrontation" (Zhukov), "Breakthrough" (Vyazigin), "The commandant of Pushkin" (Pushkin) "Cold summer 53rd ..." (Zotov), ??"Victoria" (father), "The Adventures of Quentin Durward, the arrow of the royal Guard" (Prevost), "Hops" (Paul), "Genius" (Kuzmin), "Afghan Breakdown" (probe), "Above the dark water" (Sergei), "Strange men Semenova Ekaterina" (cherished), "The Art of living in Odessa" (Senya Pyatirubel) ...

However, despite the impressive list of roles, Yuri Kuznetsov, a long time it remained the star of "Actor". Although it recognized in his face, he remembered his heroes, but nation-wide fame and popularity was not yet ...

Personal Ms zn

In 1991, Yuri Kuznetsov arrived in Moscow for the shooting of the film "Defector" Sergei Snezhkin. By the time he was married for many years, and has grown adult daughter Natasha.

In Moscow, Yuri A. settled in the hotel. And so it was that in the next room settled young woman, Irina, who came to Moscow with his son Alex to the next step for the boy (he was suffering from blood disease, carried them countless). Somehow Yuri helped Irina to bring his son to the room. "And when I took the child in his arms, I realized that I can not just leave them", - says the actor.

Yuri and Irina have decided to unite their destinies. Joint life, they had to start from scratch, and even to the same in incredibly difficult conditions. The apartment Kuznetsov left his first wife. There was no angle and Irina. And then there`s a problem with the work. In the theater, paying literally pennies, a movie filmed enough. Soon, Yuri Kuznetsov and does left the theater. According to his confession: "... did not like everything: directing, salary, one-day performances ..." Winter wife lived in a village in the Yaroslavl province. In this difficult time, and said the character of Irene. It won the Jury for their resistance and care. "Il never grumbled, and no matter how difficult, do not send me to unload the wagons, so to speak," - says Yuri Alexandrovich. In 1995 they had a daughter, Sasha ...