Yuriy Geiko

Picture of Yuriy Geiko

Date of Birth: 08/28/1948

Age: 68

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

I feel me 120 years old!

I have not seen this anywhere

- Yuri, why are you on your journey took just 80 days?

- Generally we travel for 70 days. Ten days hold in reserve. And 80 days have come up with PR, by analogy with the novel by Jules Verne. And we must say, it`s a little offended. After all, the heroes of Jules Verne traveled in a balloon in other ways, and we go by car. Well ... we are not better than them or what?

- A rule is observed while driving?

- Rules, of course, comply with, except high-speed mode. If you go by the rules, then we will not have time. Signs, you know, put sometimes hit or miss. "Bad" characters just a sea! Here, by the way, they are smaller. In your area all have markings on the roads. A markup - a great thing. It saves a lot of lives, especially in bad weather. This makes me happy. And the road is not the worst in Russia. Omsk and Novosibirsk, for example, generally out of competition. I`m such roads in Moscow have not seen. Perfectly clean betonka. But the road, as far as I know, in the Soviet era were built based on the landing of strategic bombers.

- Give an example of "bad" characters, which are mentioned?

- Road repair, for example. You go and repair ... There are no signs - ten. Accordingly, it exhibits the sign "speed limit". And police near those signs are. And the roads we are often such that they are difficult to observe the rules. It is difficult to "cut" 40 kilometers per hour when it is not clear why such a speed limit is set, and when it will end.

- And could you compare how people travel in the European part of the country, and as we do?

- In Moscow, people traveled much more professional than in those cities, which we passed. In Novosibirsk, the rush of the city at a speed of 120-130 km per hour. But this, apparently, is not quite sane people. In addition, I had to meet very many examples of inept driving. People are not ready for a drastic change in road conditions. Any critical pre-crash condition is, as a rule, leads to an accident. In Nizhny Novgorod, we caught up with the rear. The impact was strong, but the car, fortunately, has not received serious injuries. And in Novosibirsk nine lunging onto the main road, as though no one near. Cars rush, and this was taxiing to the main road. I`ve never seen anything.

And we say - lyutuyut

- Yuri, how much time on average do you spend behind the wheel?

- The light day in practice. From 8 to 18 hours of conducting the car. I have less time to the steering wheel than Jack, about a third of the time. I was on a journey to Russia accompanied by Evgeny Kalugin, editor of special projects "at the wheel" of the magazine, because I have a phone and everything else.

- Do you have habits or techniques that help to drive the car?

- Habits at everyone. Here Zhenya, for example, we have different driving styles. I prefer the hard style. I exercise once engaged, candidate for master of sports of the rally, a stuntman was working at the studio. Not to say that the risk of sitting behind the wheel, but the efficiency of my higher than Eugene. Eugene also drives more reliable. He`s the only one I can sleep in the car on the move. I do not sleep, when someone is driving. And with him I can sleep peacefully. As regards, for example, struggle with sleep driving, I never with him not fighting. It is because of sleep behind the wheel I have lost a lot of friends, experienced testers with whom I had known for working on AZLK. Therefore, my principle - never to fight to stay awake. But I have three ways how to make it go away. First, get some sleep. Secondly, take the right. Then sleep immediately disappears. A tretiysposob for people with a strong heart: two spoonfuls of instant coffee to put in half-liter jar, and then to pour a thin stream of Pepsi or Coke. Rises large cap brown foam. That`s all you need to drink. Eyes immediately get out of their sockets, heart pounding, and lost sleep for an hour and a half. It`s a tough way to. But the main driving - very sharp constant care. You walk 120-130 ... kaboom! Pit! No Sign. You know that we have such situations fully.

- Do you think the traffic police inspectors in Russia there work well?

- I very carefully this time watching the road. My site is full of complaints: GAI lyutuet Tatar, Bashkir GAI rampant. We do see a lot of inspectors on the roads. You, by the way, less. But the guys are working and not lyutuyut. You try to follow the rules, and you will not stop. I once drove a report from France. He talked about police work. They lose weight inspector for change for two to three kilograms. He runs it like crazy to traffic jams to avoid. And our work, they do what they are required to do. Would we have the road, as in France, and signs in the mind-set, we would say thank you to our inspectors. And so we say that they lyutuyut.

Going for students

- This is not the first time your trip around the world. What, in your opinion, has changed since then?

- The difference is huge. Firstly, I have aged 17 years. Secondly, the car was then "Moskvich 2141" with the engine from the "VAZ 2106". Another - a piece of route "Chita - Khabarovsk" we have overcome the transport plane. The road did not exist.

Journalists who traveled with us (then went on a journey of the convoy of ten cars - the Italians, the Germans and one American), became millionaires. They filmed the first strike of miners in Kemerovo in 1989, removed the effects of typhoon Julie Vladivostok. Transmit information from each city in which stop. The video was sent by plane to his homeland, where he was mounted, articulated and sold out by world agencies. We came here with a few thousand dollars, and left a millionaire. And we were stupid and five dollars a day, worked hard, like crazy.

- Why did you set off on this journey?

- I`ve seen it all. And America drove the same route. Nothing new there, I do not find. And I have huge money for his trip does not get. run budget of 40 thousand. dollars. The calculation is simple: EUR 50 for meals per person per day,