Yuriy Bulanov

Picture of Yuriy Bulanov

Date of Birth: 11/25/1952

Age: 63

Place of birth: Kirovohrad


Yuri Bulanov K. was born November 25, 1952 in Kirovograd Ukrainian SSR. From 1969 to 1972 he studied in Kirovograd flight navigator`s School of Civil Aviation, and then worked for more than thirty in the aviation industry. Although the letter of veterans of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov Bulanov was named pilot officer, according to "Kommersant" and other sources, from 1972 to 1979, he worked as a manager, and in 1979, after the team of the Faculty of Civil Aviation Academy, started in Magadan management of civil aviation of the USSR and subsequently held various positions in the Ministry of civil aviation of the USSR and Gosavianadzor. In 1986 Bulanov published the book "Guide to the investigation and prevention of accidents."

Presumably, during the coup in August 1991, it was Yuri Bulanov led the strike committee Vnukovo flight detachment: August 28, strike committee announced the support of Russian President Boris Yeltsin and sealed the offices of airport management, which previously allowed the putschists to take off to the Crimea.

In 1996 Bulanov was appointed Deputy Head of the Administration of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Alexander Nazarov and held this position until 1999. After that, he briefly worked in business structures, while in 2000 did not become the first deputy head of the district council Golovinskiy Northern Administrative District of Moscow. In 2001, Bulanov, was appointed to head the council Voykovsky District CAO parallel was the adviser of the mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov on the construction. In September of the same year, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" published an article in which local businessmen accused Bulanov in the introduction of illegal requisitions from small retail outlets: refuse to pay merchants were forbidden to do business in the area. In addition, as noted in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", small retail trade in Voykovsky District began to move towards Caucasians.

In 2002 Bulanov was appointed first deputy prefect of the Southern Administrative District (SAD) of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov and the head of the county building complex. During operation, the deputy prefect Bulanov postgraduate of the Moscow Academy of Economics and Law, where he defended his thesis "Organizational-economic bases of formation of Moscow construction complex control system", received the degree of candidate of economic sciences.

In July 2007, Bulanov Biryukov replaced in office of the prefect of SAD, and since 2009 began to combine this post with the post of Minister of the Moscow Government.

During the work of the prefect Bulanov received a total of 5 reprimanded by Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov. In March 2009, Luzhkov at a meeting of the government of the capital expressed Bulanov comment because of "poor performance with the population" and the increasing number of complaints from residents of the SAD. Then he got a warning "for failing to earlier decisions on sanitary protection zones" in the county. In February 2010, Luzhkov announced Bulanov reprimanded for unsatisfactory operation "Tsaritsyno" Museum-Reserve, reprimand him was also announced and for the quality of capital repairs in homes SAD.

Bulanov also mentioned in the press in connection with a fire (or arson) and the subsequent demolition of cottages Muromtseva in 2010: it was written Bulanov disposal of the demolition of a wooden house under the guise of "cleaning unauthorized landfills and construction waste." Prefect of the SAD and the accused in the illegal establishment of homeowners` associations in the district. In addition, in May 2010, the press learned that Bulanov attached to his Moscow attic apartment, paying for every square meter loft is only 40 dollars.

According to tax returns filed in 2009 Bulanov earned 5.5 million rubles, finishing third in income among the Moscow officials. In his property were three parcels, two cottages and one house. He also owned an apartment in Moscow and France, two cars and boats. He owned 60 percent of shares of OOO "Monokon", is the founder and owner of 100 percent of the shares of the company "Monokon-Servis", which was engaged in the works of repair of the housing stock in the South, and the quality of the repair done by the company led to complaints by residents. On the Internet anonymously, on behalf of the "Independent Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Southern Administrative District of Moscow" and other published compromising material against Bulanov, including allegations of fraudulent tenders and the appointment of persons to the approximate positions of responsibility. Among the "appointees" Bulanov in the material even called Major Denis Onkar.

May 28, 2010 Yuri Luzhkov sent Bulanov resigned due to "incomplete official correspondence." According to Luzhkov`s press secretary Sergei Tsoi, Bulanov, he was dismissed due to numerous observations. The new prefect was appointed George Smoleevsky.

May 29, 2010 rooms SAD Prefecture, apartments Bulanov and his first deputy Vyacheslav Shcherbakov searched investigators were withdrawn documents on real estate transactions. The next day, Bulanov, was hospitalized with hypertensive crisis and a suspected heart attack. The press has learned that Bulanov is a witness in the case of theft billion rubles from the city budget a citizen of Georgia Abesalom Gulordavoy previously absconded from the investigation and declared an international arrest warrant on charges of fraud in large scale. It was reported that Gulordava using metropolitan officials created businesses that received contracts for the repair of buildings and landscaping: actually carried out only part of the job, and on the other components of fictitious acts. Subsequently, the investigation has clarified that Bulanov and Shcherbakov might be implicated in the embezzlement in the amount of 23 million rubles allocated for overhaul of housing: According to representatives of the Moscow police, in spite of the development budget, the repair of a number of houses was carried out only half.

ex-prefect himself categorically denied his guilt and said he was dismissed because of the machinations of enemies - the representatives of the gambling and drug trafficking that allegedly threatened him because he put a stop to their activities.

June 12, 2010 against Bulanov was a criminal case under article 160 of the Criminal Code (misappropriation or embezzlement of another`s property in especially large size). July 1 Shcherbakova consequently delayed, and July 3, 2010 in the framework of the criminal case on the sanctions Tver Court of Moscow was arrested himself Bulanov. The preventive measure chosen a consequence of fears that the former prefect of absconding. July 9 Bulanov was charged with embezzlement. At the end of the same month, the Moscow City Court rejected a request by lawyers for the release of the former prefect of bail and left him under arrest.

According to media opinion, the trial against Bulanov could be a preparation for the impending retirement of the mayor of the capital. In September 2010, Luzhkov, indeed, was dismissed by the decision of President Dmitry Medvedev.

In July 2011, Bulanov name mentioned in connection with searches in the "Stink-groups` offices of the company and its director Gennady Stepanyan, co-owner of the shopping center (mall)" Yerevan Plaza ". The press published information that the former prefect of the allegedly patronized by officials of the Moscow government, which through the mall doing financial fraud. Subsequently, however, the Moscow prosecutor`s office granted the decision on carrying out a search unreasonable, found no evidence of criminal ties Stepanian and Bulanov and investigator initiated the search, did not pass the certification. Bulanov was convinced of the contract nature of the charges against him, linking them with a vengeance affected by his struggles with gambling establishments in the county.

In August 2011, Bulanov, was found guilty of embezzling 30 million rubles Kuntsevo court in Moscow and sentenced to 3.5 years in prison and a fine of 400 thousand rubles. According to investigators, in 2008-2009 he uchastovat of fraud with the funds allocated for the overhaul of 189 homes in the southern administrative district.

Bulanov had the rank of State Councilor of the 2nd class. In 2009 he was awarded the Order "For Services to the Fatherland" II degree, in 2004 the Russian Orthodox Church awarded him the Order of Daniel of Moscow. In addition, Bulanov, was awarded a number of orders closed by the decision of the Supreme Court in 2008, the Academy of Security, Defense and Law Enforcement. Also in 2001 he was awarded an "Honorary builder of Russia", and in 2003 - the title of "Honorary builder of Moscow".

Bulanov married. He has two sons and a daughter. His sons, Sergei and Alexander, doing development business. Once in August 2011, their father was found guilty of embezzlement, the Department of Land Resources has terminated the lease on the land plot belonging to the brothers by "Glory Elite". In addition, Alexander Bulanov some time held the post of first deputy head of the council Tagansky district of Moscow for Housing and Public Works, but by October 2010 at the office, he was no longer working. The press wrote that Bulanov fond of water sports, hunting, fishing and poetry.