Yuliya Maiboroda

Picture of Yuliya Maiboroda

Date of Birth: 07/11/1980

Age: 36

Place of birth: Rostov-on-Don


Famous ancestors

Julia Mayboroda was born November 7, 1980 in Rostov-on-Don in the family of artist Olga Sadouskaya and philosopher and inventor Alexander Mayboroda. About Julia ancestors is to tell apart. Her great-grandfather on my father`s line (whose it is I), a native of Poltava. After the war, he built a car plant in Dnepropetrovsk, married, became chief engineer there, then he was transferred to Moscow. Father Oleg Mayboroda - Ph.D., has taught at MADI, grandmother worked as a journalist.

No less interesting ancestors Julia and my mother`s side. Great-grandfather served as a customs officer, at the time he received from the hands of Nicholas II medal for diligence. Grandfather Cyril, a very talented man, knew seven languages, perfectly played the piano, was a journalist in Rostov-on-Don. Grandma, the Don Cossack, was a biochemist.


Father Cyril from a young age tried to instill love for Julia exact sciences. He was five years old (!) Worked with her granddaughter drawing, physics, algebra. But, apparently, he overdid it: even a child Julia realized that she was a pure humanist.

But Julia loved to draw. As a child she successfully engaged in art school, but to pursue a career artist will no longer wanted. Why? As she says herself: "I think, because I was not enough. I was a little canvas, I need all the means of expression. And most importantly, I want to see the people around. Creativity should be linked to many persons. But the draw I still love, and when I`m alone, I can do it ... "

WTU them. Shchukin

Someone wants to be an actor since childhood. At Julia Mayborody this desire emerged much later. After school, she enrolled at the Higher Theatre School named after BV Shchukin in the course of Marina Alexandrovna Panteleeva. And just there, in the course of study, she realized that really can not live without this profession. She says: "I will always be grateful to Marina Alexandrovna Panteleeva, my favorite art director: she was gentle, patient, wise, and when you need tough, direct. It was she who gave me a chance, she has taken its course. When I came, the competition was 360 people in place. I pulled the winning ticket, but did not realize that the right to prove it, it is necessary more than once. In the process of learning many deducted, 38 people were taken to the course, diplomas obtained 25. Much had a change, some things were given with great difficulty. But the more valuable they become to me ... "


In 2002, Julia Mayboroda graduated from the WTU behalf BV Shchukin. Over the next ten years, the actress went through a few theaters. She played in the performances of the Theatre "tragicomedy" ( "Forget Herostratus" role - Clementine) and the theater "Nikitsky Gate" n / p Mark Rozovsky ( "A novel about girls` role - Luda). Some time Julia was rehearsing a small role in the performance of the theater "Satyricon" "Country Love" (based on the play "The Snow Maiden" by Alexander Ostrovsky) Konstantin Raikin. However, to the scene, it did not come out: it was at this time she was invited to the Moscow Drama Theater named after Ruben Simonov, where Valentina was offered the role in the play "Valentin and Valentina" Mikhail Roshchin. Julia, this work has been to his liking, and she agreed. "Maybe someday I`d waited for" their "roles in the theater" Satyricon "- says the actress - but now we do not know. Now it seems to me that everything is going as it should, and I made the right choice. "

Going into the troupe of the theater. Yulia Simonova Mayboroda played a few more interesting roles. This and Elena "Demgorodke" directed by A. Gorban and Lida Girl with the play "The girl sang in the church choir," directed V.Shalevicha. And one of his most favorite roles the actress calls Budur in "Aladdin`s Magic Lamp" directed by B. Povolotskii.

Movie. 2005-2009,

The work in the theater Julia Mayboroda successfully combines with the shooting in the movie. On the screen, she made her debut in 2005 in a series of films "Passion for cinema" (viewers saw them a year later). The series in the humorous formerasskazyval about how to make movies. "Filming in it at the beginning of his film career, I had the opportunity to see the kitchen from the inside", - says Yulia.

In the same 2005 Mayboroda Julia starred in the popular television series "The Black Goddess" (Camilla) and "The adjutants of love" (Hortense de Beauharnais), which brought the young actress first popularity. This was followed by roles in the films "Kill the snake" (Dasha), "Sovereign`s Servant" (The court), "The law of attraction" (Maya, a young prima provincial theater), "Two Colors of Passion" (Sonia).

In 2009, Julia starred Julia Dugin artist in the 24-series of detective drama "Tango with an angel." Together with Julia on this project also stars Marina Zudina, Agrippina Steklov, Karina Razumovskaya. Good acting, dynamic plot, exciting drama - all this provided the series audience success. By the way, for the filming of this movie, Julia had a very short haircut, almost bald, because the plot of her character - a girl, poborovshis cancer. As recognized by the actress: "With hair parted in tears." But such is the acting profession ...