Yuliya Kotelova

Picture of Yuliya Kotelova

Date of Birth: 10/15/1903

Age: 76

Place of birth: Kherson

Citizenship: Russia


Kotelova Julia (10.15.1903, Kherson - 18.03.1980, Moscow) - a psychologist. She graduated from the Faculty of pedological 2nd Moscow State University (1929), physico-mathematical correspondence department of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. IN AND. Lenin (1941). From 1922 to 1930, she worked as a teacher-educator in children`s institutions, then the Central Labour Protection Institute of Trade Unions (Moscow) in the laboratory of psychology of work (1930-1941).

During the Great Patriotic War (1942-1944) was head of production at the munitions factories, worked in the Central Research Institute of expertise and organizations of disabled persons (1944-1946). At the same time in the second half of the 1940s. K. worked in the Department of Military Aviation Medicine Faculty of the Central Institute of the Advanced Medical. Candidate of Biological Sciences (1951). Since 1950 - Senior Lecturer, later assistant professor of psychology Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University. MV University, teaches courses "Occupational Psychology" (1958 to 1980), a special course "Fundamentals professiografii" pioneered the psychological workshop, conducted the course "Mathematical Statistics" for students of psychology, it has been one of the favorite students of teachers. Organizer and Deputy. Dean of the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University for Academic Affairs (1966-1972). She was awarded medals.

Key research areas: psychology and psychophysiology of work, reducing occupational therapy, psychology of thought, the history of work psychology. Studied technical thinking of blind children; under the leadership of HP Vygotsky studied the formation of concepts. K. - the representative of the Moscow school of industrial psycho in working under the direction of SG for years Gellerstein. She studied the profession in order to professional selection, training. Together with AA Neifakh in 1936 he examined the labor apparatchiks chemical production. It highlights the professional qualities of specialists carrier work and built a simulator in their formation. In the field of aviation psychology K. (with SG Gellerstein and Alyakrinsky BS) examined the state of human health in terms of reduced barometric pressure. She has created a number of unique experimental facilities to study uprazhnyaemosti sensorimotor functions in terms of switching attention in the perception of fast moving objects, to study measures the variability of the basic properties of the nervous system (mobility), and others. (1940-ies.). He is the author of more than 20 devices and instruments for psychological research. Among them - the devices for the study of spatial representations (1929), poster elements (1932), surround an eye estimation (1933), tremometr for research tremor moulders (1934), a training board to train gasifier-ers (1935), the setting for the study of sensorimotor reactions moving stimulus (1946-1947) and others. deals with the problems of occupational therapy at reducing injuries of the upper extremities. In 1951, K. was successfully defended PhD thesis under the direction of prof. SG Gellerstein. In the 1950-1970-ies. K. supervised by a staff team of MSU psychology concerned with the psychology of work, ergonomics, psychology, history questions developed by restoring an objective picture of the development of national occupational psychology.