Yuliy Mavrina

Picture of Yuliy Mavrina

Date of Birth: 09/10/1984

Age: 32

Place of birth: Theodosia

Citizenship: Russia


Nude Cinderella

For the first time, viewers saw Julia Mavrin on the screen in the New Year musical "Cinderella". By the time she studied in the third year of the St. Petersburg Theatre Academy at the Faculty of Musical Comedy. An extremely gifted musically, it is no accident was considered prima ballerina on her course. That only cost remarkably played its major role in the graduation performance "Mademoiselle Nitouche".

But back to the "Cinderella." Directed by Simon Gorov long chose the main character of an impressive number of contenders, but opted for an unknown student from St. Petersburg. When Julia came to Kiev for the shooting, she udivleniemdlya himself learned that is already approved for the role. "For me it was a shock, I did not even been able to believe in the reality of the situation", - she said.

This project, which was attended by pop stars of the first magnitude, was widely publicized in the media. Add to this show on New Year`s night, when the whole country is watching television. These terms have led to the fact that, as they say in such cases, the next morning woke up Julia Mavrina known.

Was the picture point, which especially attracted attention. Fairy Cinderella appeared before the audience naked. Seconds scene, but what effect it had! Internet just zapestril these frames. How many critical articles had to read the actress! But Julia takes it calmly: "No journalist man did not express dissatisfaction with this scene. And I, in this case, is more inclined to trust the man`s opinion. "

movie actress

Then in 2002, Julia made her debut in the movie. She starred in the film Olga Igor Maslennikov`s "Letters to Elsa." His role, the actress plays an incredibly authentic. Its heroine - a new Russian wife, which he finds in a madhouse. It is only possible to find there is something clean and undefiled.

After the initial success of the young actress and other interested rezhissery.Vitaly Melnikov invited Julia to the role of Anna Lopukhina in the historical film "Poor, Poor Pavel." This was followed by work on the hit series "Deadly force-5."

New work Mavrina Julia was the role of women drug addicts in the film "City without the sun." Entering into an image, the actress talked to "sitting on a needle", went to the hospital to collect materials, grew thin. During this time she lost weight by eight kilos. About her character Julia says, "I love that my character is not just a drug addict, she - creature."

The directors with whom Julia has worked Mavrina, mark it with a strong character. There is no doubt that in front of it has a great acting future.