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Birthday : 3/15/1981, the

Age: 35 years

Place of Birth : Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Citizenship : SShAOriginalnoe name David Darnell Braun

Original name: David Darnell Brown


David Brown began rapping at age twelve. According to him, it was just fun, however, at sixteen, he already knew what the studio and rap treated with the utmost seriousness in this age. Agricultural hinterland States has different preferences in music, there are all crazy about Garth Brooks, Stetson, country, rodeo and gospel. But David, known kakYoung the Buck, was born precisely in Nashville.

As expected, his errands he got outside. The boy haggling Drags (who would doubt !) ,and with the occupation without loud nicknames in any way. Pogremuhu stuck one of the senior associates. It caught on and became known not only in the vicinity of Nashville. Therefore, when the artists come for Nashville record label Cash Money, led by their leader Brian "Baby" Williams, man has decided to take a chance. Everyone was there : Juvenile, B.G.,future hot bout Lil Wayne, Turk. .. The circumstances were such that Young Buck wormed his way into the company, being able to express themselves during the freestyle skirmish with Cash Money young people. Sam Young Buck evaluates the results as follows: "I can not say that one of us wins, but I know that came out of this with honor. ".

You want to become a millionaire?Baby was so impressed by the talented yangsterom that an invitation to move to New Orleans is not long in coming. Easy Buck on the rise for the chance from the school and moved to Louisiana, her glorious blues traditions. In the near future, this city was destined to have its say in the promotion of dirty south style.Before hot days Cash Money Millionaires was not much, but wait for their Young Buck`u it was not meant to be. Despite the fact that he waited long and hard - four years, nothing good, he did not wait. The fact that a promising junior Baby has acquired "for growth " and put on the bench. Time passed, but neither the album Young Buck,or his participation in the projects of other artists of the label was not conducted and speech. The living conditions were not ideal, too : huddled in the cramped little room, I put up a lot of inconveniences (there is sob) . In general, it is not promised me Earl, when called into the Viking.

Titles: "It`s been four years." Young Buck bought a return ticket to Nashville. Here he returned to the half-forgotten lesson - became baryzhit dope. In principle, this activity has two outcomes - either you will plant, or flood. Our hero threatened a second - about five o`clock in the morning some bastard broke into his house armed with automatic weapons. As a result, Young Buck received two wounds in his arm and leg ,but since the house had a lot of illegal goods (apparently, drugs) , then a visit to the doctor was delayed by almost an hour (flush into the toilet Hera ?) . However, despite the injury, he was alive and well.

Back to the Future

Unfair earned narkobaksy Young Buck spent on studio recordings. Returning from New Orleans, it is not tied up with rap ,but on the contrary, took this lesson with redoubled enthusiasm. He recorded demo tracks, collecting the demo area with the other guys and let the " scooter ". "I picked up the 12-13 songs and recorded the CD. Bought 1000 discs for 330 bucks and pushed record on ten rubles apiece. Refuelling CITGO I turned into a shop to sell my records. "And in 2000, along with his childhood friend, rapper D-Tay, on the independent label Next Level he recorded the album "Thuggin` Til the End". The disc is not a commercial success (Buck himself says about six thousand copies sold) , but made some people think again about the Nashville rapper. Again the call came from New Orleans. At the other end of the line was a Baby, and he again offered Buck`u cooperation.

According to Young Buck was scheduled to join the new group does Headbussas with yourself Baby and his nephew. Arriving at the office, man was impressed - too much has changed here. It was felt that Cash Money finally appeared the most cash.The guys from the label were bryuliki and riding on luxury wheelbarrows. But after a couple of weeks transfusion of a sieve, the Buck realized that some things do not change - he again offered the bench, even more comfortable. Realizing this, Young Buck was going back to Nashville. "I could wait until I was 16, but now I have a 21 ". Chocolate

He was stopped by Juvenile. At that time, there were fundamental differences Juva with Cash Money over owed him money. He said Baku was leaving Baby and offered to work together with its new UTP Records label. Buck accepted the offer and for some time participated in tours Dzhuvenayla. One day, being in New York,he crossed with 50 Cent, for whom he had great respect. As it turned out, he, too, had heard about the southern rapper. And he offered him a cooperation with G-Unit. Juva blessed bak on the exploits and he became the fourth member Guerrilla Unit. What happened next, everyone knows. In 2003 Buck track "Blood Hound" appears on the multi-platinum "Get Rich Or Die Tryin`", about a year later we could get it in much larger doses of the album G-Unit "Beg For Mercy". Finally, a solo album Young Buck "Straight Outta Cashville" published in August 2004.

The name echoes the iconic disc N.W.A."Straight Outta Compton" and it shows a serious attitude. Network advertising is full release, almost every second rap website decorates a banner with the face of Young Buck (in the mask and platinum Zubkov) , offering a look at some tracks from the album. The Shady / Aftermath camp on the disc, wait for a lot.Most recently, one of their ward Lloyd Banks already snatched platinum, and if all this half- dollar production has not bored the audience, the result will be the same. The following graduates of the factory of stars around the corner. The idea is they will Game and Tony Yayo.


Young Buck & D-Tay - "Thuggin` Til the End" / Next Level / 2000

G-Unit -Beg For Mercy / G Unit/Interscope / 2003

Young Buck - Straight Outta Cashville / G Unit/Interscope / 2004

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