Yanush Leon Vishnevskiy

Picture of Yanush Leon Vishnevskiy

Date of Birth: 08/18/1954

Age: 62

Birthplace: Torun

Citizenship: Poland


He was born in Torun (Poland). He was a sailor of the fishing fleet, and then graduated from the University, received his doctorate in computer science and the doctor of chemical sciences. Lives in Frankfurt am Main, is engaged in molecular biology.

Debut novel - "Loneliness on the Net" (Polish S @ motno & # 347;. & # 263; w Sieci) - a virtual love story, which has become a reality. The book does not come out of the bestseller lists for three years (of Poland sold 300 thousand copies), has withstood many editions, including the additions as a result of discussions with the readers on Internet forums. The book was filmed in Poland in 2006; in the film adaptation of one of the bit parts he played himself Wisniewski.

In the book "Loneliness on the Net" paid great attention to the emotions and experiences of the characters. Despite the fact that the novel, as well as all the books Vishnevsky, is based on a true story, the characters, according to the author, idealizirovany.teratura - a kind of hobby for Janusz. It reflects a lot of the scientific life of the writer (his main occupation he believes science).

Janusz Vishnevsky have two daughters. He said of them: "In my life there is only the two most important women. First - this is my eldest daughter, the second -. Youngest "