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Date of Birth: 05/29/1909

Age: 80

Place of birth: Volkovysk

Citizenship: Russia

Ioannina Jaime: Soviet Mary Pickford

Author: Andrew Puminov

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Birthplace of Ioannina Boleslavovna - Belarus Volkovysk (now the Grodno region). She was born in a circus family of Polish rider and gymnast Joseph Boleslav Zheimo and Russian acrobats Anna (May 2, 1909) and was the youngest of four daughters. The girl was born almost at the scene - two hours after her mother worked a room with all provisions flips - and has mastered the craft of the circus almost before I could walk. In three years, Yan has participated in performances, and then became a full member of the family room Zheimo `6`. The family was constantly moved from one city to another, the girl did not just seriously ill and injured. She worked as a rider, an air gymnast, played many musical instruments, sang and danced beautifully. In 1923, the head of the family died suddenly. Anna and her daughters Janina Jaime Eley and moved to Petrograd, where he began to perform on stage with musical numbers eccentrics. At this time, the girl suddenly stopped rising. It is difficult to say what caused it, but its growth is stopped at 148 cm, and the leg size 31. In addition, for many years in Ioannina were children features and clear voice. One day to prepare for the role of 25-year-old actress in the children`s dress joined the company of boys, playing rounders, and not only adopted, but also poluchilatumakov for past failures.

At this time, the screen often showed movies with golden-haired smiling Mary Pickford, brilliantly perform the role of girls. Janina knew - it was her way to success. At age 15, she went on `` Factory of the eccentric actor, which plunged into the astonishment of all the examiners their skills and experience of a circus performance. Almost immediately it defined and its role - a travesty and eccentric comedy. Already in 1925 Jaime appeared on screen in the role of a boy in the comedy `` Bears against Yudenich. The role of bacon in this film played her classmate Andrew Kostrichkin for whom Janina married and had a daughter, Janina too.

In 1926, Jaime and Kostrichkin together starred in the movie `` The Overcoat, where he brilliantly played the main character, and Yanina got cameo assistant tailor. However, later it turned out that Kostrichkin remained in his role `` little man, moreover, have not been able to adapt to the sound movie, not playing it no big role. And Jaime, on the contrary, offered the role of the immediate girls, the circus riders, even the main characters. The situation was aggravated and a husband addicted to preference, and in 1932, Jaime and Kostrichkin dispersed. By this time, she appeared in 12 silent films, and in 1933 was invited by the director Kheifits the role of the main character in odnomiz first Soviet sound films `` My homeland. Despite the ban quickly followed this pattern, the debut-voiced actress in a new genre was successful. Soon, she played in the film Anouk `` Song of Happiness (1934) and its `` dumb heroine of the comedy `` Wake Lena (1934) spoke in the movie `` Helen and Grapes (1936). Great success enjoyed romantic comedy `` Hot Springtime (1935), where Jaime played the girlfriend of the main character, as well as the film `Friends` (1936), after which the fans of the actress began to call it `` the buttons - the name of the main character. In 1939, for this role, as well as for participation in the film adaptation of Gorky`s Enemies `` Ioannina Jaime was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor ``.

In 1939 Janina married Joseph Heifits, and in 1940 they had a son, Julius. The actress continued successfully removed. In 1939 came the films `` Doctor Kalyuzhny, where partner Jaime Shooting began Arkady Raikin and `It was soldiers from the front `(Froska), and in 1941 - the musical comedy` `The Adventures Korzinkina. Since the beginning of the war Kheifits left for Tashkent film studio with the children. Janina Jaime acted in concert brigades Lenfilm, starred in kinosbornikah, and in 1942 she was able to leave her husband. However, before her arrival Heifits reported that the train was bombed evacuated, and Janina died. The rumor was false, but it came to her husband, Jaime found in his home with another woman. The actress fell into a terrible depression, from which it could not withdraw even shooting in the films `` Two soldiers, `` We are from the Urals, `` The Young Fritz (all 1943).

At this time in the life of Jaime appeared Polish director Leon Jeannot, and third marriage with him was the most happy. In 1944, preparations began for filming fairy tale `` Cinderella. Yanina unexpectedly received an invitation for the role and was able to pass tests far better than its rival, the young ballerina Marina Mazunov. The film was a triumph Zheimo - but at the same time and the actual end of her career. In the early 50`s films almost shot, the actress and her husband earned dubbing. Voice Jaime said Giulietta Masina, Sophia Loren, Nicole Courcel. In 1954, she played the role of `` age mother schoolboy in the film `` The two friends, who did not have much success.

In 1957, Leon Jeannot decided to move to Poland. With him gone Ioannina and Julius, who, after the end of the Lodz Film School became famous cinematographer. Yanina Boleslavovna refused offers to act. She worked on the family, grandchildren, took in his house who came to Poland Soviet actors. In December 1987, the actress died of heart disease, and according to his will, was buried in Moscow on Vostryakovsky cemetery.

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