Yakov Bryus

Picture of Yakov Bryus

Age: 59

Citizenship: Russia

James Bruce and his `kolduna` Palace

Ancestors of James Bruce considered themselves the heirs of Scottish kings, but came to serve in Russia. Yakov and his older brother Roman born in Moscow, in the German village where Gentiles lived. Jacob Vilimovich participated in the creation of `Amusing voyska` Crown Prince Peter and, then, already with this army, passed all the war - and the Crimean and Azov. It has a huge impact on the development of Russian artillery gunners commanded during the Battle of Poltava. The resignation came in 1726 General-Field Marshal. Following the resignation of the fun began.

The formation of a man of his time, scholar, scientist, alchemist and astrologer James Bruce all his free time given to scientific research. He collected a rich library: fifteen hundred volumes and all - mathematics and science content. He started at `dikovin` cabinet, which collected all interesting and unusual, whether of nature or the creations of human hands. In Europe, it was fashionable in Russia - an unprecedented, and Bruce`s collection formed the basis of the Kunstkamera Museum. In 1696 he was drafted `land map from Moscow to Little Azii`. In 1702 he created in the Sukharev Tower first Russian observatory, where they could watch the stars. In his office kept so amazing scientific instruments that poorly educated contemporaries began to suspect Bruce sorcerer ...

And Jacob Vilimovich is pleased to support this legend, arranging public chemical experiments, which frightened even the seasoned warriors. It Bruce - author Moscow plan: the city was rebuilt by the stars! He also created a calendar containing astrological omens `valid for every day of the moon with the flow and Zemli`, and the next 200 years, the majority of Russian landowners to coordinate this calendar agricultural work.

The estate Glinka, granted him by Peter the Great in 1721, Field Marshal Bruce left as soon as he retired. When designing the palace unknown architect (some researchers call the Italian Michetti, and other Russian architect Yeropkina) followed the wishes of the future owner, who had very specific needs. For example, Bruce wanted to have an open loggia north, with which it would be possible to watch the stars, and a large room for physics experiments with a giant fireplace. It was thought an underground passage to the pavilion: after Bruce`s death, Catherine`s times there were Masons meeting. And underground storage: they are still looking for enthusiastic, believing that this is where Bruce hid part of his library and his private Grimoire - black book, which is available in every sorcerer! Construction took place under the personal supervision of James Vilimovich. Two wings have been set aside for storage room and laboratory. The roof turret has grown Observatory. However, most visitors to the palace Glinka surprise ugly stone masks above the windows of the ground floor. They were made by the order and the drawings of the Bruce. No one knows what they mean. Does that demons who served Bruce-witch? Or gargoyles guarding the peace of the house? Or just cartoons of the nobles, the contemporaries of James Vilimovich indignant pundit their ignorance?

For his scientific experiments Jacob Vilimovich needed privacy. Barton guard platoon of soldiers surrounding farmers were not able to even look out of the gate, causing rumors of `sorcerer Bryuse` multiplied and acquires details. Locals say if his own eyes watched as the window astronomical towers flew fiery dragon. As he hovered Bruce vvozduhe, he flattened his black cloak, like the wings of a bat. What Bruce froze water in the summer garden in the park and ride there on skates ...

Jacob Vilimovich was married, but no children left. When he died in 1735, the title of count, all the possessions, including Glinka`s estate, inherited his nephew, son of his brother Roman Alexander Bruce. And then the estate of the scenery to the mystical thriller has become a background for a love story, one of the brightest in the XVIII century. After his first wife`s death, Alexander fell in love with Catherine Dolgorukaia - the former fiancee of Peter II, who thanks to his will became `Empress-nevestoy` and the main banner of a conspiracy against Anna Ivanovna. After the disclosure of the conspiracy Catherine long held in captivity, first in prison castle, then in Tomsk monastery Nativity of Christ. By the time of the meeting with Bruce Catherine it was thirty years old, and she wanted to live the rest of life in peace and quiet. But Alexander made her consent to the marriage. In 1745 they were married. They lived together in Glinka`s only two years, under the protection of stone gargoyles. Catherine died of tuberculosis, resulting in prison, her husband also died soon.

The new owner became Glinok Yakov Bruce. He married just for love - at Praskovya Alexandrovna Rumiantseva Transdanubia, sister of the famous field marshal. During one of his Turkish military campaign Praskovya Alexandrovna died. Popular in Glinka legend says that after returning home, Bruce Earl rushed to the tomb of his wife, was on his knees - and for all petrified with grief ... In fact, after his wife died Yakov lived for several years, was appointed commander of Moscow. The legend was born out of a monument at the grave of the Countess Bruce, created by the genius sculptor Ivan Martos: stone statue of a kneeling knight seemed almost alive.

On Yakov interrupted men`s line kind of Bruce. In 1836, Glinka was recognized `escheat usadboy`, ie having no owner, and` went on rukam`.

Without the estate owned merchant Ivan T. Usachev, organized in Glinka`s stationery factory. Then he fell ill, his commerce declined. And Usachev, deciding that the culprit - `Palace kolduna` resold Glinka brothers Alexeyev, who tried to establish the now spinning. But they did not go to business. Manor passed to the merchant`s wife Kolesova. It was a God-fearing woman, close and strong: all the sculptures decorating the garden, ordered to drown in the pond. Then she began to be a ghost magician Bruce! Kolesov nearly went mad, and hurried to get rid of Glinok: very cheaply sold their merchant Lopatin.

Entrepreneur organized in the estate factory for the processing of cotton. Unfortunate statues ordered to split and build from the debris dam. And in the former laboratory of Bruce I arranged a warehouse. Initially, the warehouse was struck by lightning and burned down all the cotton instantly. Miraculously, no burned himself Lopatin. All talked about the curse of Bruce. But stubborn Lopatin continued to work until the next time the fire did not burn the factory itself ...

After the Revolution, the estate was nationalized. First, there is placed a shelter and school. In 1934 there was opened a rest home named `Monino`. During the war, the hospital was located in Glinka. In 1972, not far from the house discovered the healing mineral water, and a holiday home reclassified to a sanatorium. And in 1991 in one of the wings of the estate was created House Museum Count YV Bruce.