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Place of birth : Los Angeles, USA

Citizenship : United States

BiographyUnder the southern California sun has grown a lot of interesting bands. An example is the extraordinary punk team from Los Angeles with a mysterious name "X".

Under the southern California sun has grown a lot of interesting bands. An example is the outstanding team from Los punkAngeles with mysterious name "X". Her future leader, a native of Florida Servenka Christina (b. February 1, 1956) came to the City of Angels in the mid 70s. There fate brought her to the bass player and songwriter John Prior (b. February 24, 1956) . Young people quickly agreed (and later married) , and in 1977 founded his team. In addition to John and Iksiny (ie Cristina) in the group also includes drummer Jay Dee Bounbreyk (b. December 8, 1955) and rockabilly veteran Billy Zoom (guitar) . Mastery of the musicians and the ability to stand out from the crowd thanks to the introduction of other elements in the punk style was evident from the outset, and the audience could well see this,after listening to the first " X`s " single "Adult books".

In 1980, the band signed to a small local label "Splash", and which released their debut album. It is interesting that point that the patronage of the "X" took none other than Ray Manzarek ("Doors"), speaking in his capacity as a producer and even provide for their studio sessions. Collaboration arranged for both sides, and cooperation " X`s " with legendary keyboardist continued on several other albums. After the release of the second pure punk album, "Wild gift", the ensemble moved to "Elektra records". The debut album for the label "X" are mixed hard rock and folk gadgets. As a result, the record sold well, and reached the 76th position in the US number, and a clip on "The hungry wolf" was in heavy rotation on MTV. The next disc, "More Fun In the New World", was the last release made by the company with Manzarek. The band`s popularity by the time old enough ,and the musicians began to try himself in dugih projects.

In 1985 came "Ain`t Love Grand", which was much more commercial hard rock than punk. Although the record was a success, Zoom was dissatisfied with the chosen direction and left the ranks of the "X". He was immediately replaced by Dave Alvinbut he did not spend long in the team and gave way to Tony Gilkisonu. With new guitarist " X`s " recorded one studiynik and one live album, and then took a long timeout. Relations have soured John and Christina, they divorced, and engaged release solo albums.

In 1993-year of the original foursome gathered together and released the album "Hey Zeus!". Reviews on this release were mixed, and the band chose to release again to do solo performances and participation in other projects. However, officially the dissolution of the group had never stated, and from time to time ` ` X ` appeared on the scene ,to play a few gigs.

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