Woo Bum-kon

Picture of Woo Bum-kon

Date of Birth: 02/24/1955

Age: 27

Citizenship: South Korea


Woo Bum-kon was born on 24 February 1955 and in South Korea. Until 1978, he served in the South Korean Marine Corps. In December 1980 Bomgon was admitted to the National Police in Busan (Pusan) in December 1981, he settled in the village Torongni (Torongni), after transferred to a neighboring office in Kungu (Kungyu).

On the afternoon of April 26, 1982, Bomgon quarreled with his girlfriend Chun Mal-soon (Chun Mal-soon), which woke him up that slammed a fly on his chest. Furious, the police left the house and went to the police station, where reported on his arrival at 16:00 and began to drink. At about 19:30 he got home, beat her friend, set in motion not only fists and feet; smashed furniture, and then decided to arm themselves to the teeth. Bomgon went back to the police station and, using the fact that the rest of the police were at the meeting, quietly managed to take 7 hand grenades, 2 M2 carbines and 180 rounds of ammunition.

Approximately at 21:30 Bomgon began shooting at passers-by on the market in the village Torongni, where among the wounded and was Chun Mal-soon, decided to find out where the sound of gunshots. The next stop was an angry Bomgona post office, located near the village Kungru (Kungryu), where he killed three telephone operators and cut the phone lines, so that others can not call emergency services.

Then the killer began to walk from village to village, using the position of a police officer to gain access to the home, and shoot their inhabitants. He killed 18 chelovekv Village Ung (Ungye) and 24 in the village Pungon (Pyongchon). After this massacre Bomgon ordered 16-year-olds go and buy it at the grocery store soft drink. The young man did everything that he was told, and then Bomgon shot him and his family. Bomgon almost all of the victims shot from the M2, but one family undermined grenade.

Although the police were aware of the fact that their friend is doing, one hour after its release on the path of senseless killings, Bomgon was able to avoid capture - and raged as much as 8 hours. On the night of April 27, after his wild rage in five villages in the province uiryeong county (Uiryeong), Bomgon tied to his body 2 left in his arsenal of grenades. He hid in a house belonging to 68-year-old Mr. Xuhui Ying Su (Suh In-Su), holding him and his family hostage. After police surrounded the house, Bomgon blew himself and his three hostages. Ying Su was seriously injured.

Total cop-killer took the life of 57 people and wounded 35. In the modern history of criminology before anything like this has happened. Later, Chun Mal-soon she said that her boyfriend suffered from an inferiority complex and its very touched comments villagers about the fact that he is not married. Still later, the chief of Police Station, where he served Bomgon, was dismissed. Four other officials were arrested for showing negligence.

After investigation into South Korea`s Cabinet decided to pay compensation to victims Bomgona and their families.