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In the mid 80`s bassist Kip Winger worked with Alice Cooper and recorded a couple of albums with him. After touring in support of "Constrictor" Kip decided it was time to get his own team and offered partnership keyboardist Paul Taylor ,also participated in the tour. The third member of the group was Reb Beach, which Winger previously met at the sessions. And it completed the formation of the composition "Winger" drummer Rod Morgenshteyn, former member of "Dixie dregs".

In 1988, the team signed a contract with "Atlantic records" and released his debut album for the label. The work on the plate musicians helped renowned metal producer Beau Hill, with whom Kip had the pleasure to work in the late seventies. Debut turned out good, and drive quite quickly reached platinum in the United States to mark, finishing in the " Billboard " 21 - th position (the album went " gold " in Canada and Japan) . WingerNemaluyu role was played gizmos hit "Madalaine", "Seventeen", "Headed for a heartbreak" and "Hungry". More than a year "Winger" actively toured in the company of bands like "Bad company", "Scorpions", "Cinderella", "Bon Jovi", "Poison", "Skid row" and "Tesla". The team took all the heat, and in 1990-m it was nominated for the award in the category "Best new heavy metal band". In the same year the team gave a second " platinum " LP, "Headed for a heartbreak". The album turned out to be even a bit better than its predecessor and has already placed on the 15- th line "Billboard" (in Japan it has also become the "gold ") .

While "Can`t get enuff" composition ,"Miles away" and "Easy come easy go" spinning on the radio and "MTV", "Winger" again toured the world with tours. For 13 months, they played about 230 concerts, sharing the platform with "Kiss", "Scorpions", "ZZ Top", "Extreme" and "Slaughter".

Winger During the tour, the group left Paul Taylor, and was replaced by John Roth. But the change in the composition was a trifle compared with the wave of grunge Nakata. Released in the blossoming of a new style, the album "Pull" I came not to the court, and the critics tore it to puhprah. Although the drive is still penetrated to the end of the first " billbordovskoy " hundreds, and the song "Down incognito" for a while sounded on the radio, the band did not survive the impact.Japanese tour, which was held in late 1993, it was crumpled, and "Winger" announced the dissolution. Kip went to Santa Fe, where he opened his own studio and began releasing solo albums, and John helped him sometimes. Reb played with Alice Cooper, and then moved to "Dokken". Rod returned to the "Dixie dregs", and Paul worked with the same Cooper, Tommy Shaw and Steve Perry. And in the wake of the new millennium, reunions former colleagues once again come together to revive old. In 2001 came the publication compilation "The Very Best Of Winger", which was a new track, "On the inside". The following year, "Winger" spent the spring and summer tour.

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