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Date of Birth: 01/30/1930

Age: 78

Citizenship: United States

Discoverer a gas laser

William Ralph Bennett, Jr., son of the famous physicist William R. Bennett, Sr., born January 30, 1930. He received a bachelor`s degree in physics at Princeton University (Princeton University). His thesis was devoted to spectroscopy and collisions of the second kind in noble gases. Bennett also earned a doctorate at Columbia University (Columbia University). Since 1962 he joined the faculty of Yale University, where he remained until his retirement in 2000.

Bennett invented the first gas laser - helium-neon laser - a large research center `Bell Laboratories` in Murray Hill, New Jersey (Murray Hill, New Jersey). He opened the argon ion laser; He was the first to notice the effect of failures in the education spectrum in gas lasers; and created the theory of hole burning effect in the generation of laser radiation. Bennett was one of those who first discovered the laser when excited by electron impact of each of the noble gases, opened its first chemical laser and lasers on steams of metals with a rating collisions.

Bennett was among the pioneers, aware of the role the use of computers in the learning process of physical science. Together with his daughter, Dr. Jean Bennett Maguire (Dr. Jean Bennett Maguire), he developed a method of spectral phonocardiography in real time to detect and classify heart murmurs.

In the world of physics, scientists have to deal with strong, electromagnetic, weak, and gravitational interactions. William was one of those who not only almost did not say anything about the so-called `` otkrytii` sily` fifth, but was not even a supporter of its existence hypothesis. In addition, Bennett believed that it is highly unlikely that the magnetic fields from power lines can cause cancer.

Bennett has written 8 books and over 120 scientific papers and received 12 patents. In 1965, he received the award `Morris N. Liebmann Memorial Award` from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

His research in the field of musical instruments in physics grew Popularized course that Bennett taught at Yale University. One of the favorite activities of William was the performance of chamber music. He learned to play the clarinet composer born in Moscow Bellisona Simeon (Simeon Bellison) and performed as a soloist, clarinetist in several amateur symphony orchestras.

William R. Bennett Jr.. He died June 29, 2008-th.

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