William Jennings Bryan

Picture of William Jennings Bryan

Date of Birth: 03/19/1860

Age: 65

Place of Birth: Salem

Citizenship: United States


Born in the town of Salem in southern Illinois in a family lawyer and politician Braynana Silas and Mary Ann Bryan. In 1866 the family moved to the 520-acre (2.1 square kilometers) a farm north of Salem, where he spent his childhood William Bryan. Parent William was deeply religious, his father belonged to the Baptist and his mother to the Methodist Church.

Up to 10 years old William Brian studied at home. In 1874 he was recovering in Whipple Academy school in Jacksonville. After high school, he enrolled at Illinois College, where he studied classics and graduated from college the best pupil in 1881. During his studies he was a member of Sigma Pi literary society. After college, he went to Chicago to study law. In 1884 he married Mae Bird.

In 1883-1887 Brian practiced law in Jacksonville, and then moved to the new town of Lincoln in Nebraska. In 1890, Brian was selected to the US Congress from the Democratic Party.

Presidential elections

In 1896, Bryan ran for the US presidency. In this vremyaemu it was only 36 years old and he was the youngest presidential candidate in history. During the campaign, Bryan opposed the gold standard, advocating bimetallism and the widespread use of silver money, which provided him popularity among farmers, petty and middle bourgeoisie. Also it supported the Democratic Party, a populist party and Silver Republican Party (faction supporters silver money, broke away from the Republican Party). However, Bryan lost the election Republican William McKinley, with a ratio of 176 against 271 votes of electors.

Bryan supported the war against Spain, but after its end opposed to the annexation of the Philippines.

In 1900 and again in 1908 Bryan unsuccessfully ran for the US presidency. Being a good speaker, Brian during the elections made the big trip to America, every day for several hours speaking to the people for many weeks. During his life, Brian said thousands of speeches.