William George Bonin

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Date of Birth: 08/01/1947

Age: 49

Place of Birth: State of Connecticut

Citizenship: United States


William was born on January 8, 1947 in the State of Connecticut. His father was a compulsive gambler and alcoholic. William`s mother often left him with his brother in the care of their grandparents. At the age of eight years, William was arrested for stealing license plates, and was soon sent to the children`s penal colony. There he was sexually abused by the children who were older than he. When he returned home to his mother as a teenager, William began to molest children younger than him.

After high school, Bonin served in the US Air Force and fought as a gunner in the Vietnam War in an attempt to earn the Medal "For Service". Then, after a brief marriage and divorce, Bonin moved to California.

In 1969, when he was 23, Bonin was first arrested for attack on teenage boys. He was imprisoned and released only in 1975, but soon returned to prison because of the rape of a 14-year-old boy named David MakViker (Eng. David McVicker).

In 1979, William returned to the streets and handed over to his friend that he had no intention of returning to prison; not because he decided to stop the hunt for young people, but because he did not want to leave witnesses.

The first murder

May 28, 1979 William kidnapped and killed 14-letnegoTomasa Landgren (Eng. Thomas Lundgren), hitchhike. As demonstrated by the autopsy, he was castrated and strangled. Bonin has committed a crime with his first accomplice, Vernon Butts (Eng. Vernon Butts), 22-year-old factory worker, constantly boasted that he was a wizard, and sleeps in a coffin.

Further murder

Traveling around Los Angeles in a van, Bonin (sometimes accompanied by Butts) preyed on young male prostitutes or hitchhikers. Before the end of 1979, seven teenagers were found raped and murdered.

In the early days of 1980, Bonin brutally killed 16-year-old Michael McDonald (Eng. Michael McDonald). A month later, on February 3, Hollywood, Bonin abducted and killed 15-year-old Charlie Miranda (Eng. Charles Miranda). At this time William was helping a young man named Gregory Miley (Eng. Gregory Miley). The young man was strangled, and his naked corpse thrown into a ditch. On the same day they were kidnapped, raped, and killed James McCabe (Eng. James McCabe), which was 12 years old. He was the youngest victim of Bonin.

In December 1979, Bonin raped and killed another 15-year-old boy. His name was John Kilpatrick (Eng. Kilpatrick). In March, William killed three more boys, followed by another three in April and two in May. Steven Wells (Eng. Steven Wells) was the final victim of William Bonin. He was killed June 2, 1980 years. 18-year-old James Michael Munro (Eng. James Michael Munro) has helped in the murder.

By that time, Bonin was under suspicion because of the recent killings flow. Police subjected to his observation, and on June 11 they arrested him during the attack on 15-year-old boy, identified as "Harold T" (eng. Harold T).

It is known that the first two of William Bonin victims were killed in April 1979. Danny Jordaan (Eng. Danny Jordan) and Mark Proctor (Eng. Mark Proctor) went to the beach, never to be seen again. Mark Proctor`s body was found about a week after they were reported missing. Jordan was found a few years later. Number of chloral hydrate found in bodies could be used as a sedative, since substantially increasing the normal dosage.

Recognition and execution

Finally Bonin confessed to the kidnapping, rape and murder of 21 young man. Police also suspect him of about 15 other murders. Ultimately, he was convicted of 14 of the murders, which he admitted. He expressed no remorse and told one reporter, "I could not stop killing. It gets easier every time. "Found guilty on all charges, Bonin was sentenced to death. Only February 23, 1996, 16 years after his arrest, he was executed by lethal injection in the old poison gas chamber in the prison of San Quentin. He became the first person in the history of California slain by lethal injection.

His main accomplice, Vernon Butts, accused of taking part in six of the murders, but he hanged himself while awaiting trial. Gregory Miley and James Munro after pleading guilty received 25 and 15 years respectively. Both are still in detention.

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