Wiliam Boot

Picture of Wiliam Boot

Date of Birth: 04/10/1829

Age: 83

Place of birth: Nottimgem

Citizenship: United Kingdom


The founder of the Salvation Army was an English preacher William Booth, born 10 April 1829 in Nottimgeme.

Since childhood, he imprinted in my heart the grief and misery that prevailed in the slums of large cities. Becoming a Christian preacher, he came in the poorest areas of London, not only to preach the gospel and the organization of real help with food and clothing.

The passion with which U.But reached the hearts of the unsaved people are very contagious. During the life of General he traveled in evangelistic trips around 5,000,000 miles, preached more than 60,000 times. And even being very old, he did not calm down.

In 1878, William Booth clearly and convincingly sets forth the Doctrine of the Salvation Army. In addition, 11 were approved by the lifestyle principles soldier of the Salvation Army, including the rejection of strong drink, smoking and drug use. Particular attention was also paid to the dissemination of the teachings of the Army in other countries.

In 1880, Commissioner George Scott Railton with a group of women came to America. The two first crossed the ocean and flag waving is now in the First New York and Philadelphia First housings. Hence, from New York, the flag came to Canada, then to Bermuda. In parallel, there was a process spread of the Army in Europe. In 1913, the Salvation Army has appeared in Russia.