Wilhelm Weber

Picture of Wilhelm Weber

Date of Birth: 10/24/1804

Age: 86

Place of birth: Wittenberg

Citizenship: Germany


Born October 24, 1804 in Wittenberg. He graduated from the University of Halle (1826). In 1831-1837 - Professor of the Physics Department of the University of Gottingen. Together with six other Weber teachers protested against the suppression of the constitutional rights of the King of Hanover, and in 1837 was removed from his post. I spent several years, giving private lessons and wandering. In 1843-1849 - professor at the University of Leipzig, from 1849 - professor of the University of Gottingen.

Major works are devoted to Weber`s electromagnetism and acoustics, heat, molecular physics. In 1825 he co-authored with his brother E.Veberom wrote a treatise on the wave motion. I watched the interference of sound (1826), proposed the idea of ??the record (1830) with .Sovmestno K.Gaussom participated in the development of methods and instrumentation for geomagnetic measurements; in 1833 of Germany`s first electromagnetic telegraph was created. Since 1840 Weber has been developing systems of electrostatic and magnetic units and the definition of relations between them. Brought the law of interaction of moving charges, taking into account their relative speed of movement (1846). Together with R.Kolraushem in 1856 defined the speed of light, based on the ratio of capacitor charge in electrostatic and magnetic units. Received their values ??match the speed of light, calculated from the optical experiments A.Fizo. This coincidence has prompted Dzh.Maksvella conclude that "light consists of transverse vibrations of the same medium which is the cause of electric and magnetic phenomena." Weber work led to the definition of independent units of electric current in an electromagnetic system of units based on the value of the magnetic field generated by the current. Its named after a unit of magnetic flux. Weber died in Gottingen, June 23, 1891.