Wilbur Norman Christiansen

Picture of Wilbur Norman Christiansen

Date of Birth: 09/08/1913

Age: 93

Place of birth: Melbourne

Citizenship: Australia


Born in Melbourne in the family priest and a teacher of music education in the University of Melbourne. In 1937-1948 he worked in the firm "Amelgameytid uayrless (Australasia)" Research Laboratory, where he worked on the construction of directional antennas for wireless communication over long distances. In 1948-1960 he worked in the department of radio physics Organization of scientific and industrial research in Sydney. In 1960-1978 - Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Sydney, since 1978 - Professor Emeritus of the University. A member of the Australian Academy of Science (1959).

Major works in the field of radio astronomy. In 1949razrabotal new type of multi-radio interferometer having a high angular resolution, which consists of a linear arrangement of mobile paraboloids; He led the construction of the first such system in Potts Hill near Sydney. Subsequently, he constructed a similar cruciform interferometer system - "cross Christiansen". He participated in the design and construction of radio interferometers in Westerbork (Netherlands), Saint-Michel (Upper Provence, France), the Beijing Observatory of China (PRC), in Fl