Whitey Bulger

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Date of Birth: 09/03/1929

Age: 87

Place of Birth: Dorchester

Citizenship: United States

The informant FBI

James Joseph Bulger, Jr.. (James Joseph Bulger, Jr.), better known as Whitey Bulger (Whitey Bulger), was born in 1929 in Dorchester, Massachusetts (Dorchester, Massachusetts). His father, James Joseph Bulger (James Joseph Bulger), who worked as a loader, once lost an arm, and with his wife, Veronica Jane McCarthy (Jane Veronica McCarthy) they can barely make ends meet. In total, the family had three children. Senior, James preferred the street, while his younger brothers well at school. In general, from childhood he was not the child home, at the age of 10 years for the first time to run away from home.

The first time James was arrested at age 14 for stealing. It was 1943, and by the time he had entered the street gang known as `Shamrocks`. In the end, he was convicted of armed assault and robbery and was sentenced to a juvenile correctional term. Freed in 1948, Bulger went into the army, joined the US Air Force. Despite the fact that at the time he was punished several times the service, he nevertheless rose to the end, and in 1952 he returned to Massachusetts.

In 1950 he was again behind bars, this time - for armed robbery hostage. By the way, while in prison in Atlanta (Atlanta Penitentiary), he voluntarily got involved in the CIA program called MK-ULTRA, in which he and 18 other prisoners who wish to reduce their sentences, given LSD and some other drugs. Later, by the way, Bulger said that his deception was lured into the program, and all recruited for experiments were confident that participate in the development of medicines for `shizofrenii`. He was released after 9 years in prison.

Having started to work as a janitor, Bulger eventually turned into builders, but in 1970 he was again led a life of crime.

So, Bulger became an enforcer for mafia boss Donald Killeen (Donald Killeen). Once in 1972, Killeen shot, Bulger became a member of the united gang, known as the Winter Hill Gang, where he quickly rose through the internal ladder. Cunning, ruthless and cruel, Bulger became the organizer and performer of numerous murders, including Spike O `Tula (Spike O`Toole), Eddie Connors (Eddie Connors), Tommy King (Tommy King) and Leonard Buddy (Buddy Leonard).

By the end of 1970 a gang, where he worked Bulger, simply surpassed itself in the number of murders in Boston. By the way, James was known as `Uayti` (Whitey), for his blond hair, and said he could not tolerate the nickname.

Whatever it was, when he went to prison, it was Whitey Bulger became the new leader of the Winter Hill group in 1979, the leader of the gang.

Over the next 16 years it was under their control held a very substantial part of the drug trade in Boston, he also followed the tote, as well as usury. His years were marked by `pravleniya` 18 murders.

However, the gangster and the leader of the gang - this is not all the characteristics of activities Whitey Bulger. Thus, nobody, not even his closest friends did not know that at the same time, Bulger was an FBI informant. By the way, this, perhaps due to the fact that `konkurentov` from Whitey with time almost gone - the power behind bars many serious leaders Boston gangs by providing the ability to` Bulger rabotat` impunity. It is known that Whitey`s brother - William Bulger (William M. Bulger) at that time was a prominent politician, senator.

Later, the authorities and the FBI had to report to a public uproar when the information is that mobster working for the FBI, was leaked to the masses.

In the spring of 1994 against Bulger went really big investigation, and in 1995 he was charged. However, the lucky gangster managed to escape, and before his arrest, it never came.

So, Whitey Bulger and his girlfriend Catherine Greig (Catherine Greig) fled, and that the flight lasted 16 long years.

They arrested 81-year-old Whitey Bulger until 22 June 2011, in Santa Monica, California (Santa Monica, California). Soon after Bulger and Greig were extradited to Massachusetts and placed under enhanced protection of federal authorities. Whitey Bulger was taken to a prison facility Plymouth County House of Correction in Plymouth, Massachusetts (Plymouth, Massachusetts). Among other crimes on account of the aging gangster 19 kills.

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