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Year of birth : 1997

Age: 18 years

Place of Birth : Detroit, Michigan, USA

Citizenship : United States


Until now, fans of this group and have not figured out who fall each other members of this group - a brother and sister or husband and wife. But in principle, the case is not the point, and in that kind of music give birth to "White stripes" - a minimalist duo from Detroit. Vocalist and guitarist Jack White and drummer Meg White are repelled from the roots of classic rock, blues- oriented "Led zeppelin" and punk expressivity "The stooges". The music scene in Detroit especially never shone talents, representatives of respectable labels rarely looked back to discover new talents ,and therefore "White stripes" had to start work ourselves.

In 1997, a small company "Italy records" two singles ("Let`s Shake Hands" and "Lafayette Blues") were issued. Then the team moved to the indie label "Sympathy For The Record Industry", which debuted with the single "The Big Three Killed My Baby",directed against automotive giants.

White stripes A little later, on sale there and the eponymous debut album, "The White Stripes". Made in the spirit of "Led zeppelin" and "Rolling stones", which contained covers of Robert Johnson`s "Stop Breaking Down Blues" and Bob Dylan`s "One More Cup Of Coffee", for some reason driveit did not reach the ears of the masses of listeners. The buzz started when out came the second creation duet, "De Stijl", named after the Danish abstract movement, led by Gerrit Rietveld. By the time the "White stripes" have already managed to sweep across North America in the company of "Pavement" and "Sleater-Kinney",and also visited Australia and Japan.

But the most interesting musicians waited at home of classic rock in England. The duo looked to to hold a small club tour, but instead was forced to unwind full tour. "White stripes" hit the pages of many British publications, including such as "Sun" and "Daily telegraph".The songs sounded in the air group of Albion, and John Peel compared the contribution of the "white- striped " in rock music from the genius of Jimi Hendrix and "Sex pistols".

White stripes in July 2001, there was produced by Doug Eisley "White

Blood Cells ". This album was the first in the discography of the team, who are in the charts " Billboard " (61 th position). MTV picked up song "Fell in love with a girl", and in the meantime the newspaper "New York times" proclaimed "White stripes" to the future of America. Looking at all this themselves, " Rolling Stones " invited the duo to play in their opening act. And after that, Doug and Meg continued to work hard, preparing material for the next album. Emtivishnyh collected three awards ,they went to the "Toe Rag" small London studio, which had only eight-channel audio and analog equipment.

As a result, two-week sessions, and spent them 6,000 pounds was born another "white- striped " masterpiece titled "Elephant". Under the cover of the title track "Seven Nation Army",immediately land in heavy rotation, this " elephant " album immediately broke into the top ten, finally turning "White stripes" in superstars.

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