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Year of birth : 1984

Age: 31 year

Place of birth : New Jersey

Citizenship : United States


Back in New Jersey in 1983, two boys named Tony (Portaro and Scaglione) decided to organize their own team thrash.

The name for the group, they borrowed from "Metallica" repertoire.At first, as a part of "Whiplash" Tony but two were considered as vocalist and bassist Mike Orots Rob Harding, but the pair disappeared after recording demos "Full forse". The next demo, "Thunderstruck", the guys recorded together, and vocal and bass lines played Portaro. Still, it was too heavy to dispense with a separate bass ,and for this position she was found by a man named Tony Bono. Tony Trio has prepared another film titled "Looking death in the face". It is noteworthy that in these sessions Portaro played in plaster (the poor man before recording was in a car accident) .

Proceedings of the musicians finally crowned with success, and the band received a contract from the "Roadrunner" in 1985. Having found the soil under your feet, "Whiplash" recorded their debut album "Power and pain". The album got a bit hasty and damp. Full tour to support it did not take place, although the group played a series of concerts in the north- eastern states.

Whiplash in 1986-m Scaglione received a tempting offer from the "Slayer" to replace Dave Lombardo at the time of the promotional tour "Reign in blood", from which he was unable to refuse. The tour ended but the ranks of "Whiplash" Scaglione did not come back because he did not like the atmosphere in the team. But the next album will still have to write ,especially because most of the material has already been harvested during the previous sessions, and in place on drums, Joe Kandzhelosi not objective. "Ticket to Mayhem" has turned out much better than its predecessor, but it has not improved the situation in the group, torn by scandals with management and record label. " Via Roadrunner " insisted on the completion of the composition of "clean" vocals, and the band did not want to. But in the end the last word label, and at the sessions of "Insult to injury" put Glenn Hansen. His appearance added a melody and the team reduced the aggressiveness. Portaro and Bono did not accept such a turn ,and soon they announced the dissolution of "Whiplash".

Whiplash In 1993 Portaro Scaglione and somehow ended up in Composition "M.O.D." and, having played there a bit together, we decided to revive his former project. Completed part Gonzo Rob (vocals) , Warren Condit (guitar) and James Preziosi (bass) , they recorded the "Cult of one",markedly different from other creations of "Whiplash". In support of the album, the team toured, after which the door put Gonzo and vocals entrusted Condit. In addition, he dumped somewhere Scaglione, and he was replaced by Bob Candela. The new configuration has released "Sit, stand, kneel, prey",then annoyed Portaro completely dispersed composition.

The next and, apparently, the last comeback "Whiplash" was held in 1998, when the three came together, Tony and issued on-mountain powerful "Trashback" uncompromising album. However, next year the fans have received a gift from the Dutch label "Displeased",published a collection of rarities and delicacies called "Messages in blood". In the future activities of the group was discontinued, and the news came of the death of Tony Bono, who died at the age of 38 years May 27, 2002.

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Whiplash photo
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