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Birthday : 10.11.1971 year

Age: 44 year

Place of birth : Long Island, California, USA

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Warren Griffin Third

Original name: Warren Griffin III


He came up with G-Funk and scored for a vulture "G", not only because his name Griffin and he and Long Island, home to particularly brutal gangsters and violence ruled the streets, but becausethat in their Raimo he tries to overcome the hopelessness of fate of black youth, pull Tale of gangs and to stop the violence, wash the blood from the bodies of slain pointless niggas from neighboring districts

He came up with G-Funk and scored for a vulture "G", not only because his name Griffin and he and Long Island ,inhabited by particularly violent gangsters and violence ruled the streets, but because he is trying to overcome the hopelessness of fate of black youth in their Raimo, pull Tale of gangs and to stop the violence, wash the blood from the bodies of slain pointless niggas from neighboring districts

It may seem that the easiest way to deal with rap ,when you have such a prestigious half-brother as Dr. Dre`s, but if you know Warren, immediately realize that cheap glory in the shadow of the eminent elder brother was not for him. Do you want more time to see this - buy it new and highly anticipated album "I Want It All" (release on October 12) , whose name speaks for itself -BrAZ that wants to disrupt the whole pot, and at the same time not to clean off some people brains. ..

Warren Griffin third (Warren Griffin III, p. 1971, in Long Island, CA) respects people who are out to find the use of their skills, so to speak, that talent has been paid. Each Negro dreaming about this since childhood ,and only a few manage to get rich legally. In the black ghetto, its harsh laws, which are not found in the US Constitution, but someone from this easier ?! Life on the street - it`s much more real school than high school and college together. So no wonder freestyles black brothers are filled with stories about real life. Fate can be all different ,but the roots and childhood - twin brothers - the smell of blood is heard from the cradle, and the absence of any laws - the main law of the ghetto. ..

However, I do not advocate the deliberate exaggerating. Let`s talk about light, which gives even the fate of the blacks. It is better to say how you feel about jazz ? Already turn away to puke ? I do not know,maybe you will soon be easier, but the young Warren was no delay from the rich jazz, soul- and funk music library of his father.

In general, an avid fan of the popular jazz Warren Griffin (Jr.) who for thirty years she worked as a flight mechanic in the famous airline "McDonnel Douglas" and lived for some time even with Olay (mother Warren G), grew up a fan - son, who, as usual, met napahavshegosya dad his stereo, lined with plates Dizzy Dzhillespayya, Chick Corea, McKenna Woods and George Benson. This was home.But as soon as he found himself on the corner of 21st and Lewis, where he was waiting for two old friends (future Snoop Doggy Dogg and Nate Dogg), the child was not found. At school he was considered a pretty good student, to set realistic targets, not lifted up the skirt classmates and even beat out money from mladsheklassnikov. On the street he liked morealthough for the time being. " From a certain point we looked at the street life is one big drama - says Warren -. Black business local gangsters were perceived by us as a guide to action then we were not hard to win over, and we have tried almost all the illegal passing. through pre-trial detention ,liens and tears of mothers. Several times we were a hair`s breadth from death, " but the victory more -. The desire to make a real street rap And in 1991, Snoop, Nate and Warren formed a trio of 213, taking the example of the famous rap tusy of Bay Eyrii 415 for the title number of the quarter.. But they did not have money to enroll in a professional studio. When their first demo tape was recorded in a small but cozy little room neighboring music store, Warren had the courage to tell his older brother Dr. Dre`s, just left N.W.A., that he no longer stands behind the decks in the underground project PERFECTON, where Foesum tried to speak with him ,Wayniac (from THE TWINZ) and Domino (an ardent follower of his in the future), while the number of DJ in his own project. Not to say that the news is awful pleased Dre. Rather, he just wanted to fry him untied and freed valuable time for more serious projects. However, Warren was persistent, very much like ,brother listened to the voice of Snoop solid and prevailed upon him to take them to the demo song "Super Duper Snooper".

The transfer tape was to be held on the feast bachelor buddy Dre L.A. Dre. 213 there is represented only Warren, and he did not really like music that `s cool. Then Ji took out his treasured cassette and gave it to the DJ. That put it, and all rushed to ask, whose is the recitative. Dre was intrigued. He really liked the vocal style of Snoop and he put on this small. The whole trio was invited to his studio and was admitted to the THA DOGG POUND camp, supergroup, which worked on the recording of the legendary album "Chronic".Dre took patronage over Snoop `s career (Ji participated in the recording of his glorious drive "Doggystyle" and wrote half of the songs together with Snoop) , but Warren was left to myself. Solely on their own, he pulls rap star level of his brother, and in fact began to Warren no noticeable local di-DJ and producer then little-known 2Pac and MC Breed. " One mazefaker showed me how to deal with a turntable, - remembers Ji - I thought. Gosh, this is for me then largely with the help of his brother, I mastered producing Dre taught me everything he knew how, but he said,.. I must rely on their own strength. He showed me how to start a business and my noggin to work. "

The starting point of his career repperskoy can safely assume that the track "Definition Of A Thug Life" and kollaboreyt with Mista Grimm "Indo Smoke" for the soundtrack to the sensational black film "Poetic Justice", in the light of what Warren G invented a new style, called G- Funk,and together with Nate Dogg recorded his famous debut single "Regulate" (sampled lyrics Michael McDonald "I Keep Forgettin` (Every Time You Are Near)"), which is adorned with another supersaundtrek "Above The Rim" and immediately climbed to 2nd place in the " Billboard ", dashed off track for his multi-platinum album "Regulate. .. G-Funk Era " with its okolopyatimillionnymi sales. " The rapper with the face of an infant, "as he dubbed the black press, began to draw ideas for their music from the same funky tubs, as his brother, but he was no less unique sound, which is also found a lot of followers on the West coast. Yet it was not just George Clinton samples in pure form to the accompaniment 808th car and gang curses, like N.W.A., Dre, Snoop, and everyone on Death Row Records. Warren G presented to the heads of traditional rap funky and slightly weighted rhythm-and - blues sound that is characteristic only for longaylendovtsev ,typed " live" musicians and skillfully correlated " his " and " alien", club and street, soft and hardcore, but that he did not sign up for Death Row and maintain the respective infamous image was pure chance (there were too many talented niggas who lined up in long queue ,to release his album). Warren eager to fight and therefore prefer a more free trefik on Def Jam, and I think it still does not regret his choice. There he was able to score in any number of the album not only chernushny gangsta - style wrought "Death around The Corner", but also party - rap ("This DJ", "Do You See") with the intention to entertain its audience. Warren G: " I do not want people to be sad, listening to my songs I `m not going to flatter anyone had stories about killings My principles stand on the fact that it is not necessary to touch the other, and if you touch, give the date can not be.. . leave evil unpunished. Let the people will think a little bit, to relax and to dance. "

While Nigeria dragged and thought ,Warren went into hiding rather than catch an instant success and record another album like. He preferred production work (THE TWINZ, Dove Shack, Shaquille O`Neal, Yo-Yo, THUG LIFE), and a European tour with his protege female group DA FIVE FOOTAZ and virtuoso of DJ craft DJ Rectangle.Everywhere he was accompanied by a personal tutor and manager Ron Griffin.

The expectations of the public in anticipation of a miracle - the second album of Warren lasted until 1997. "Take A Look Over Your Shoulder (Reality)" again based on the G-Funk, with the only difference being that Gee made a focus not only on the original material ("Back Up", "What We Go Through", "Annie Mae" -again with Nate Dogg), but also boldly leaned on the covers and showed his brilliant ability to transform into any underground, hit the pop thing. That only is resurrected them in the company of Ron Isley song ISLEY BROTHERS "For The Sake Of Love", turned into a "Smokin` Me Out", or still warm lyrics Tina Turner "What`s Love Got To Do With It".His sincere respect for reggae and Bob Marley Warren expressed his hip- hop treatment of one of his most famous masterpieces "I Shot The Sheriff". The "Reality" Warren read a rhythm Sly Stone "If You Want Me To Stay". In short, a very colorful set of songs, but it was picked up expertly.

Against the backdrop of a fictional kem-the feud between Death Row and Def Jam neutral position Warren G looked very bad. His own label, G-Funk Music continued to accumulate around itself new talents to Long Island and throughout California, stamping small but vociferous Warren G and Snoop, along with they organized a managerial company G-Funk Productions.Warren played a respectable club owner in the film "Speedway Junky", naprodyusiroval set of explanatory soundtracks ("Supercop", "The Show", "Nutty Proffesor", "Bad Boys"), obreppoval classics from head to toe with Sissellyu, performing the "Prince Igor " for the collection " The Rapsody Overture ", did not disdain to appear in company with popstar Peter Andre on the single "All Night All Right", worked on the posthumous Tupac album "R U Still Down (Remember Me)?" and for a long time I had the idea to collect all the black Long Island authorities to once and for all put an end to war on this street too criminal territory.

Next Era G-Funk began in 1998, when the record label GBy changing the sign to G-Funk The New Millennium 2000 befriended powerful Restless Records. His protege immediately released new albums, and he was too absorbed in Warren family grief (the death of the mother) , which held on to release his third disc "I Want It All" until October 1999. On his new album you can hear supersostav support, namely, Nate Dogg, Snoop, Kurupt, RBX, Slick Rick, CRUCIAL CONFLICT, JD, Mack 10, El DeBarge. You can also note the large number of new people and welcome the intensive care unit 213 with Jamie "Game Don`t Wait". Later in support of the album will be released movie of the same name, but if you have to wait, Plans Warren, Snoop and Nate is a full-fledged debut album 213, which was supposed to be no worse than a little half-forgotten WESTSIDE CONNECTION or recent project Redman / Method Man. .

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