Walter Benjamin

Picture of Walter Benjamin

Date of Birth: 07/15/1892

Age: 48

Place of birth: Berlin

Citizenship: Germany


Experienced a strong influence of Marxism (which originally combined with traditional Jewish mysticism), belonged to the Frankfurt school of sociology of art. The main work - "A work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction"; he owns has become more common in our time the idea of ??the aura, which is losing replicated masterpiece. French culture Explorer, translating Marcel Proust and Charles Baudelaire. A number of studies (eg, anticipated the historical approach of the second half of the XX century book "Berlin Childhood around 1900") published posthumously.

The famous article "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" (1936) echoes in many ways with the works of Gyorgy Lukacs` novel Theory "(1916) and Ernst Bloch`s" Spirit of Utopia "(1918).

In the years 1917-1930 was married to Dora Keller. In December-January 1926-1927`s visited Moscow, where he has written and worked in archives, he met with Vladimir Mayakovsky, Bertolt Brecht. His experiences, mostly negative, left in t. N. "Moscow Diary".

As a Jew, anti-fascist and radical left, after the Nazis came to power he emigrated to France, where in 1940 after okkupatsiiFrantsii going to go through Spain in the United States, have already been evacuated to a large part of the archive. At the border crossing the Spanish authorities cooperated with the Gestapo, refused refugee group, to which belonged to Benjamin entry. Then the philosopher, on the night of 27 on September 28, 1940 committed suicide in the hotel