Walter Bagehot

Picture of Walter Bagehot

Date of Birth: 03/02/1826

Age: 51

Place of birth: Lengport Somerset

Citizenship: United Kingdom


His father, Thomas Walter Bagehot (Thomas Walter Bagehot), was the managing director and vice-chairman of the banking company `Stuckey`s Banking Company`.

Walter studied at University College London (University College London), received a degree in mathematics in 1848. After Bedzhet, despite the prospects opened up the practice of law, did not do this, but joined his father`s company bank. He has also written for various publications, and soon his name was already known as the name of the editor of the newspaper `TheEconomist`. This newspaper Walter left in 1861, after which he began to write about politics, and soon his views became so respected that it began to listen to the politicians themselves.

The fame of the author brought published in 1867 the book `The English Constitution`, which Bedzhet deeply considered political leverage UK, investigated the nature of the Constitution of the United Kingdom, detailing the activities of Parliament and the British monarchy. In this book, he did, and comparative analysis of the system of the British and American government. The book was translated into many languages, and then it began to be considered a classic.

Known Bedzhet and their work `Physics and Politics`, released in 1872, and the book` Lombard Street`, published in 1873. In the last Bedzhet explored the world of finance and banking, and paid special attention to the management of financial crises. Bedzheta observations remain relevant to this day, especially in the situation of the global financial crisis that broke out in 2007.

A large number of egobiograficheskih and economic essays were published after the death of Bedzheta. Their subject matter was very wide - from Shakespeare (Shakespeare) and Disraeli (Disraeli) to the price of silver.

As a sign of respect and recognition edition `The Economist` called his weekly column about British politics` Bagehot`. In addition, the Association of Political Sciences in Britain (British Political Studies Association) annually awards the prize `Walter Bagehot Prize` author` best thesis in the field of government and public administratsii`.