Vyacheslav Vygodin

Picture of Vyacheslav Vygodin

Date of Birth: 05/01/1945

Age: 71

Place of birth: a. Novopanskoe

Grazhdanst in: Russia


Born May 1, 1945 in the village of Novopanskoe Mikhailovsky district of the Ryazan region. Father - Turukhina Alexander M. (1918 born.). Mother - Vygodina Anna A. (born in 1922.). Daughter - Anna (born 05/05/75, the.). Son - Michael (born 29/02/80, the.).

He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering in the specialty "Refrigerating and compressor systems and machines" (1973). He worked as a design engineer 2nd category in the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Refrigeration Engineering (1973 - 1976 gg.); chief engineer at the Kolomna Refrigerated (1976 - 1978 gg.); chief engineer of the Moscow regional office "Rosmyasomoltorg" (1978 - 1980 gg.); deputy chief of the office of the Republican "Rosmyasomoltorg" (1980 - 1984 gg.); an employee of the USSR Embassy in Nicaragua (1984 - 1986 gg.); Deputy Head of the Moscow regional association "Rosmyasomoltorg" (1986 - 1987 gg.); deputy chief and then chief of the office of the Republican "Rosmyasomoltorg" (1987 - 1991 gg.); Director General of the Republican concern "Rosmyasomoltorg" (1991 - 1992 gg.). He is currently the President of the Russian commercial and industrial company "Rosmyasomoltorg" (1992). Honored Worker of the Russian Federation of Trade (1994); Honored Worker "Rosmyasomoltorg" (1996). He was awarded the Order of Friendship (1996) and the medal