Vyacheslav Volkov

Picture of Vyacheslav Volkov

Date of Birth: 09/15/1877

Age: 42

Citizenship: Russia


The commander of the 1st Siberian Cossack regiment, made him a raid in the Altai region, where completely destroyed the Red Detachment Sukhov. In September 1918, - the authorized army commander for public order protection, the head of Omsk garrison. It prevents the night from 20 to 21 September 1918 seizure of power by the Socialist-Revolutionaries in Omsk, arrested September 21, 1918 Krutovsky, Schatiloff, Yakushev, Novoselov. I refer the case to the prosecutor for the arrest Novoselov Omsk Court of Justice. Leftists accused by Novoselov murder. According to GK Gins, Wolves in the most harshly condemned the murder Novoselov. Despite the fact that he was close to I. Mikhailov, who demanded in response to his action 21 September 1918 Volkova removal from the post of chief of the garrison in Omsk, and purpose of the investigation of his actions. At the request of I. Mikhailov, Volkov was briefly arrested, which was appreciated Vologda. One of the main conspirators against the director, Colonel of the Siberian Cossack troops, in 1918, when Kolchak - Major General (military rank received from Kolchak shortly after the end of the trial, during which he was accused of committing a coup 18 November 1918) . This rank of commander of the Combined Cossack corps. In his house he lived up to the coup Kolchak. Head of Omsk garrison in 1918 - 1919 gg. According to the "left", he was one of the main organizers of the brutal crime - the murder of members of the Constituent Assembly, imprisoned on charges of anti-state activities during and after the suppression of the Bolshevik uprising 22 December 1918 took an active part in the suppression of the uprising in Omsk. The founder of the monarchist organization "Death for the motherland." Appointed 1 December 1918 Kolchak head of the 4th and 5th corps area commander with the rights of a private army with the assignment of the rights of Governor-General of Irkutsk. In December 1918 he was sent Kolchak in chapter IV of the Siberian Corps to suppress Semenov to Transbaikalia. In Irkutsk with Semenov had a telephone conversation, during which he tried to explain the motives of his actions Volkov and prevent a collision. Volkov said that the order to execute Kolchak. Disarm the railroad Japanese troops, to prevent clashes between whites. Since the end of January to June 1919 - is officially a representative of Kolchak on the formation of Cossack units in Vladivostok. At the same time, in April 1919 the chief insurgency consolidated Cossack detachment. Together with the AV Katanaeva charge of the operation in April - mae1919, the suppression of the uprising in the Mariinsky Atbasar district, the forces of the Siberian Cossacks, he commanded (combined unit) at the same time, played a major role. Mariinovka village, the main stronghold of the rebels, was taken May 13, 1919 only because of its appearance in the fighting ranks of the Cossacks on the battlefield, on the car after a few unsuccessful attacks on him. Commander Priamurskaya housing from July to December 1919 Commander of the Siberian Cossack Division. He was famous for extrajudicial executions and the merciless massacre of opponents of the Kolchak regime, the organizer of punitive expeditions against the population supporting the guerrilla units in Siberia. The commandant of Irkutsk in December 1919 - January 1920. Killed during the "Great Siberian Ice March", as commander of one of the exhaust units, lured Czechs in a trap set by the Reds.