Vsevolod Golubovich

Picture of Vsevolod Golubovich

Age: 54

Place of birth: a. Moldavian

Citizenship: Ukraine


Vsevolod was born in the family priest. At the end of the seminary, he studied at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, received in 1915 a degree in engineering. Since 1903 was a member of the Revolutionary Ukrainian Party, joined the ranks of the Ukrainian Party of Socialist Revolutionaries (UPSR) in nine years.

He worked as an engineer of the Southern Railway, from 1916 to August 1917 - head of the department of water, highways and dirt roads of the Romanian front. In April 1917goda from Odessa bulks management entity has sent a petition to the leadership of the Provisional Government with the demand of Ukraine`s territorial autonomy.

A member of the Odessa Ukrainian community. The General Secretariat of the Central Rada - Secretary of Transportation (27 (14) July 1917), the Secretary for Trade and Industry on 12 November (30 October), 1917).

From 30 January to 29 April, 1918 - chairman of the Council of People`s Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the UPR. From 3 to 20 January, a delegation headed by the UPR in Brest in the peace negotiations with Germany and its allies.

For his part in the abduction of the banker A. Good April 29, he was arrested by the Germans and before December 16, 1918 was in Lukyanovskaya prison.

In 1919 - the first half of 1920 edited publications of UPSR in Kamenetz-Podolsk, and Vinnitsa.

In August 1920 Golubovic was arrested by a special department of the 14th Army and the following year was sentenced to Ukrainian SRs during five years in prison. Amnestied in December 1921.

Until 1931 he worked in the department of capital construction Ukrainian Economic Council. In 1931, convicted in the case of the so-called Ukrainian national center.

Died May 16, 1939 in Yaroslavl prison.


In 2005, the 120th anniversary of the birth of Vsevolod Golubovicha National Bank of Ukraine issued a commemorative coin 2 hryvnia.