Vsevolod Balitskiy

Picture of Vsevolod Balitskiy

Date of Birth: 11/27/1892

Age: 45

Citizenship: Russia


Educated in Tiflis school of ensigns (1915). In 1913 he joined the RSDLP, Menshevik, in 1915 moved to the Bolsheviks. In 1915 he enlisted in the Army, Warrant Officer. In Feb. 1917 he was elected chairman of the regimental committee of the 114th Reserve Regiment. From October. 1917 prev. Council of Soldiers` Deputies (Tabriz). From 1918 to work illegally in Georgia. He was arrested by the Georgian government. In December. 1918 inducted into the College of the All-Ukrainian Cheka (VUCHK) and was appointed manager. department. In 1919 the head. VUCHK secretariat in September. 1919 was briefly chairman VUCHK in Gomel. In October sent.-. 1919 prev. Revolutionary Tribunal Gomelsky fortified. In October. 1919 prev. Ukrainian organizing committee, then politinspektor Cheka. On Nov. 1919 prev. Volyn, with December. 1919 Kiev Cheka Cheka plenipotentiary while in Right-Bank Ukraine. In 1920 the beginning. Logistics and before. Tribunal of the Southwestern Front. Widely applied extrajudicial arrests, executions, executions of hostages, etc. In 1920-21 Deputy. prev. Central emergency management commissions. From April. 1921 to March 1922 deputy. prev. and commander VUCHK. Since July 1922 Deputy. prev., at 31.06.1931 to 01.09.1923 prev. GPU of Ukraine and at the same time GPU-OGPU plenipotentiary of the USSR in Ukraine, and in March 1934 - Nov. 1930 People`s Commissar of Internal Affairs of the Ukrainian SSR.S his name is associated with the arrest and expulsion of "nationalistic" intelligentsia, etc. From 09.01.1930 member of the CCC, CPSU (b). On 06/31/1931 at 10/7/1934 deputy. prev. Joint State Political Directorate. In 1932 Balitchi headed the commission on the introduction of passports, which served as a pretext "the need to clean the major cities of unnecessary and anti-social elements". In rerultate appeared SNK decree of 04.28.1933, according to which the peasants forbidden to issue passports that fully closed them to leave the village. Developed under the leadership of Balitchi rules in force until 1974. In November. 1932 directed special plenipotentiary of the OGPU in Ukraine, where at this time of rampant hunger, with the task "of course fulfill the plan for grain procurements." On 02.21.1933 the plenipotentiary of the OGPU in the USSR, and before. GPU Ukraine, with 15.7.1934 Commissar of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. One of the main organizers of mass terror in the Ukraine, which claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people. Since 1934 member of the CPSU (b). Among other security officers Balitchi, on a number of sources found documents on cooperation IV Stalin intact department before the revolution. 11.05.1937 transferred to the Far East early. NKVD. 07/07/1937 arrested and expelled from the party. 27.11.1937 "under special circumstances" facing the death penalty. Shot.