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Detroit team "Von Bondies" was formed in 2000. The impetus for its creation was the concert of Japanese garage band "Guitar Wolf" two former classmates, Jason Stollsteymerom and Marcie Bolen.

Jason and Marcie immediately wanted to stir up your own project, for which the first even threw his fascinating work bartender. At first, the company Bohlen and Stollsteymeru amounted drummer Don Blum and bass guitarist Lauren Wilcox, but soon moved to chetyrehstrunka Carrie Smith. The original name of the quartet was "Babykillers", but later the band thought it best to change it for "The Von Bondies".

As for the style of the band ,the bet was made on the punky garage rock with a strong blues flavor. His bright incendiary concerts team has earned a good reputation in the neighborhood of Motorcity, and later reinforced its singles "It Came From Japan" and "Nite Train", the first of which was devoted to the Japanese "Guitar Wolf".Von BondiesOdnako it was flowers, and all of this started to happen, when connected to the case Jack White. He arranged for "Von Bondies" participated in the legendary collection "Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit"

That led to a contract with "Sympathy for the Record Industry". The same White acted as the producer of the first album ,"Lack Of Communication". Recorded in just three days, this CD has caused positive emotions in the underground, but "Von Bondies" wide audience came only after skated European tour opening for "White Stripes". Detroit garage rock came to taste and to the inhabitants of the Old World ,and "Lack Of Communication" was also published in English label "Sweet Nothing Records".

In 2003, the company "Dim Mak" released a live album, "Raw And Rare", which included the recording made for the BBC in 2001 and 2002. Shortly thereafter, a group of interested major record companies ,and as a result the team changed his place of residence in the "Sire Records" (Madonna, "The Smiths", "Ramones").

Von Bondies the summer of the same year, "Von Bondies" played in his hometown triumphant concert, which were reunited with "Stooges". But as often happens in the world of rock `n` roll is not everything runs smoothly, and scandals are not a rare phenomenon. Not passed this, and our heroes, and in December in one of the Detroit club there was a fight between Jason Stollsteymerom and Jack White. Apparently, the musicians remembered undercurrents of resentment and tried to solve the problem by means of fists, causing Jason was raskvashena face. When the incident was over ,the team went back to their duties, namely to record their second studio album, which was produced by Jerry Harrison of "Talking Heads".

Released in February 2004, "Pawn Shoppe Heart" was well received by fans of indie music. Particular also received recognition from the public song "C`Mon, C`Mon",sounded in several video games and some TV shows. In autumn 2004, a number of reasons staff left Carrie Smith. The separation took place in a friendly atmosphere, and the vacant place was taken Yasmayn Smith.

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