Vladimir Zheleznov

Picture of Vladimir Zheleznov

Date of Birth: 03/23/1869

Age: 64

Citizenship: Russia


He has lectured on political economy and statistics at the University of Kiev, Moscow Agricultural Institute, Moscow Commercial Institute and the Moscow City People`s University. Shanyavsky. The main work "Essays on Political Economy" (1902) survived 8 editions (8th izd.1919), also translated into German. Zheleznov stood on the positions of the labor theory of value, and later began to lean to the theory of marginal utility, sharing views, MI Tugan-Baranowski, and some others. Economists that both theories are complementary. Zheleznov wrote a book on zarabotnoyplate outlining the different points of view.

He was an advocate of scientific forecasting of economic development. A number of works on the history of economic thought are of value.

The manuscript of an unpublished work Zheleznova "The economic outlook of the first Russian agronomists (XVIII -. The beginning of the XIX centuries)