Vladimir Zhedenov

Picture of Vladimir Zhedenov

Date of Birth: 1908

Age: 54

Citizenship: Russia


He headed the department of anatomy at the Orenburg (1935-1944), Odessa (since 1944) Agricultural Institute. Author of over 100 scientific works devoted to comparative anatomy of animals and humans. The most valuable scientific information contained in the papers on the study of the human heart with the description of the distinctive features of the animal hearts. As a result of extensive research using a technique developed by him opening a number of new in the structure and development of the human heart data, analyzed it in the form ontofilogeneza aspect.

Established line of pericardial increments to large vascular trunks in man, which, most shifted to the periphery, resulting in the greatest freedom of movement of the heart. The ways of converting venous sinus and sinus valve of the right atrium in the process of evolution. The features retsessusa left atrium and pulmonary veins of the mouths of the location, as well as a significant change in the location of the atrioventricular and arterial openings. Established fusiform enlargement of the ascending aorta, followed by the completion of a sharp isthmus after the discharge of the three large trunks. A detailed description of the oval window and the Eustachian valve with him; the presence of a very large hole, a short valve without threads at the end predispose to stroke through the preservation and development of a number of other birth defects. Besides the heart, a great place to sravnitelno-anatomichesekih studies VN Zhedenova occupied lungs of animals and humans. Comparative anatomy of the lungs seen in terms of their common morphological and functional characteristics, origin and the progressive transformation in the phylogeny, share subdivision bronhososudistyh branches, forming on the stages of ontogeny, and others.

The data are interpreted from the standpoint of evolutionary morphology, based on the teachings of AN Severtsev, which followed the course of his early research. VN Zhedenov worked closely with the Institute of Evolutionary Morphology, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, its work on the proposal academicians Orbeli and Schmalhausen published in the "Reports of the USSR Academy of Sciences." The research results are summarized in the monograph "The lungs and heart in animals and humans" (1954, 1961). Along with high theoretical value of the works of the scientist have found practical application in the national cardiac surgery, especially in congenital heart defects. They enjoyed Bakulev and his disciples. VN Zhedenov created a school of comparative anatomy. Research and teaching activities, he successfully combined with organizational and social. He was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor and medals.