Vladimir Verholantsev

Picture of Vladimir Verholantsev

Date of Birth: 06/11/1879

Age: 67

Birthplace: Tomsk

Citizenship: Russia


Vladimir Stepanovich Verkholantsev (11 June 1879, Tomsk - January 1947, Perm, Russia) - Russian teacher and local historian, the author of books on the history of the city of Perm.

Vladimir Stepanovich Verkholantsev was born in 1879 in Tomsk, where his parents lived at the time. When he was 6 years old, his mother died in 1890 and his father, along with his son returned home to Perm. Under the influence of her grandmother raised him, he received a spiritual education: he studied in a religious school, then in Perm seminary and the Kazan Theological Academy. After graduation, he taught the Perm diocesan women`s college first - arithmetic, then - history and geography, and in 1909-1912 years - in Perm private girls` school MN Zinov`eva (now - School