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Date of Birth: 11/27/1963

Age: 52

Place of Birth: Tula

Citizenship: Russia

Italian temperament on the Russian screen

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

Grandma actor was a Swiss citizen and ethnic Italian, who came to teach in Moscow, where he married and had a daughter. Beautiful and very talented Natalia Nikiforova dedicated her life to the puppet theater. But the attempt to publish their scientific research on this topic has led to conflict with the greatest authority in the field, Sergey Obraztsov. As a result, young woman divorced from her husband, and together with his son Vitaly was forced to move to Tula. There she found and work and personal happiness - married actor Mashkov Lion puppet theater.

November 27, 1963 in a middle-aged couple had a son, Vladimir. The boy was baptized in the Catholic rite, and gave him the middle name of Leon. Soon Natalia offered the position of director in Novokuznetsk Puppet Theater, and the family moved there. Vladimir, who, like many children of artists, grew up `for kulisami`, and sometimes even participated in productions. However, his school things were very bad, and the behavior and gave a lot of trouble to parents and teachers.

The boy sang well and played guitar, was the soul of all the companies and school activities, to shock others with their long hair, and thus differed a great love of animals, which are often picked up on the street, treated and nursed. In his room, he made a real living area, in which there were two dogs, squirrel, hamster, raven, rat and turtle.

At the end of the 70s the family moved to Novosibirsk, and Vladimir became a student of biological faculty of the University of Novosibirsk. However, at the university, he learned not only a year - artistic inclinations and family traditions have taken their toll, and the young man enrolled in drama school. There Mashkov remained the soul of the company, went fairly quickly among the best, but not the most disciplined student and fell in love with his classmate Elena Shevchenko. Although the surrounding predicted that pair with the explosive nature will not be easy to get along together, young people get married when they were both 19 years old, and in 1985 they had a daughter, Masha. However, by the time of its birth the relationship between young spouses soured finally, it came to battering and discussion Mashkov behavior in school. In response, Vladimir went to Moscow and handed the documents to the admissions office of Moscow Art Theater School. He was admitted to the studio Tarhanova, but was soon expelled for disciplinary violations. Home young man did not return, preferring to reconcile with his parents and wife, a modest position of the working stage.

After a while, Vladimir continued his studies in the School. This time, his mentor was Oleg Tabakov, razglyadevshy talent of the young actor. In 1987, Mashkov took part in the play `Sailor tishina`, and his soulful portrayal of an elderly Abram Schwartz received the highest marks, including most Tabakov. Unfortunately, the theatrical success of the young actor could not conceal the bitter fact that during 1987 and the mother and father each other have died, and at this time he was far from them. Young talented actor enjoyed great success with women, but it did not last long novels.

In 1990, after completing the course of study Vladimir Mashkov was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Art Theatre and Chekhov`s `Tabakerku`. By that time he already had experience in film - cameo in the film `Kreslo` (1987) and the short film` likuyuschiy` Beast (1989), as well as a major role in the film `kozy` Green Fire (1989). The leading roles he played on stage, including Don Juan, in the mayor `Revizore`, Platonov in` Mechanical pianino` and others.

In 1992, Mashkov first tried his hand as a director. On stage Tabakerki` `` they were put on the Passion and Bumbarashu` `Deadly nomer`, and in 1996 the theater` Satirikon` - `The Threepenny opera`, award-winning` Chayka`. As for the works of Vladimir in the movie, then after a few walk-through roles came to him the long-awaited success. In 1994, he played in the film hacker Voroshilov Limita` `` and received prizes Kinotavra` and Festival in San Rafael, as well as starred in the controversial, but bright film Todorovski `Podmoskovnie vechera`. Creative success can be regarded as `American movies doch` (1995) and` Orphan kazanskaya` (1997), where Mashkov acted not only as an actor but also kakkinorezhisser. The great success and became the protagonist of the film `Vor` (1997), was nominated for` `Golden Oskara` and globus`.

In 2000, Mashkov married a second time, were married in a Catholic church. Journalist Ksenia Terentyev, daughter of the famous fashion designer, became assistant to her husband - created costumes for performances, taught him English. Since 2001, Mashkov worked in Hollywood, where starred in the films `Dancing in the Blue iguane` (2000),` Behind vraga` (2001), `rapsodiya` American (2001) and others. Filming in the US have led to divorce the second actor. On the film `Let`s do it in bystromu` (2001) Vladimir broke affair with a partner on the shooting Oksana Shelest. In 2004, actor joined with her third marriage, in which a son, Vladimir, that did not save the couple from divorce.

As for work on the domestic screen Mashkov, among his most prominent roles can be noted in the Pugachev `Russian bunte` (2000),` Rogozhina in Idiote` (2003), and, of course, Gotsmana in the cult TV series `Likvidatsiya` (2007 ). The prizes were awarded in the film `Ignat Kray` (2010) and Rasputin in the series` R.` Gregory (2014). Last date of project Vladimir Mashkov are crime series `Nalet` and retro romance` Duelyant` premiere of which is scheduled for 2016. In memory of his late mother actor he established the award `Golden lvenok`, which will be awarded annually to actors of puppet theaters.

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