Vladimir Konkin

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Date of Birth: 08/19/1951

Age: 65

Place of Birth: Saratov

Citizenship: Russia

Romantic hero of the Soviet Screen

Author: Andrew Puminov

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Vladimir - a native of Saratov. He was born August 19, 1951, when his parents were no longer very young, and learned that the eldest son, fifteen Vyacheslav, can not be cured polio. The youngest son was given to all parental attention. Alexey Konkin, was very fond of the theater, participated in the initiative. His chief auditor for the railroad allowed to use the office compartment, and the family frequently attended performances of the leading theaters of Moscow and Leningrad. In six years, Vladimir visited the `Swan ozere` and preschoolers as the Bolshoi did not let the son dressed in a specially purchased uniforms.

Unfortunately, the boy was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, banned any exercise, and he had to be in the sanatorium for months. Vladimir main hobbies were reading and manual work, with time he became seriously engaged in history and attended classes for students at the University of Saratov.

After Konkin work of Stepan Razin received the diploma of the All-Union Olympiad, the question of continuing education was considered a foregone conclusion. But, as is often the case, the case broke. Together with a friend, Vladimir went to the rehearsal of children`s theater `Young gvardiya`, which at one time engaged Oleg Tabakov and Galina Yatskin. Chairwoman of the theater complained that he did not come here a few years earlier. But suddenly it turned out that one of the young actors caught a cold and lost his voice, and Ivan the Fool in the New Year performance needed urgent replacement. Vladimir learned and mastered the role of the mise en scene literally within days, and after the performance realized - it will become an actor.

In 1967, he received a certificate, the young man went to the Saratov Drama School, but took only two rounds. However, Vladimir among several applicants conditionally allowed to attend classes on acting classes for six months, and at the first session, it was among the best students. During his studies, Vladimir found a home and the love of his life - a student of Institute of Foreign Languages ??Alla Vybornov, whom he married shortly before the release.

After graduation Vladimir joined the troupe of Kharkiv Youth Theatre, and pregnant Alla remained in Saratov with their parents. In May 1972, the actor almost at the same time there have been two landmark events - the twins were born Svyatoslav and Yaroslav, and he received an invitation from the Kiev Dovzhenko film studio to shoot a TV movie directed by Mashchenko `How Tempered stal`. Initially, the young actor was offered the role Leszczynski, then - Tsvetaeva. It was only after watching the footage who was a hudsovet Paradjanov recommend Mashchenko Vladimir shoot as Pavel Korchagin. The Board was correct - six-part filmimel incredible success, and the young actor won the Lenin Komsomol Prize and the All-Union, and then international fame.

Konkin was invited to go to the troupe Lenkom and entered into a spectacle `Shtorm`, but stay away from his wife and children began to weigh on him. Tempted promise of getting their own housing, the young actor moved to the Moscow City Council theater, and after years of vain expectations returned to Kiev, where he became a staff member of Dovzhenko film studio and was finally able to live with his family. New roles do not take long to wait.

In 1974 he played Lieutenant Izvolski Konkin in the film `Marina`, then received an invitation from Andron Konchalovsky in the title role in Sergei` Romance of vlyublennyh`, but abandoned it by playing his brother. The actor became popular, but real success for him was cooperation with Leonid Bykov. `Ata-Two, were soldaty` (1976), the last picture of the famous director, and the role of the lieutenant` Suslika` newly revealed talent Vladimir. The shooting took place in difficult conditions, and during the filming of the actor tank attack was seriously injured, but fortunately, was soon able to return to the shooting.

A significant became an actor in 1979. He moved to Moscow and began working in Yermolova Theatre. His first role was Vladimir Ulyanov in the play `universitet` Kazan, it was followed by `The battalions are asked ognya` and` Senior syn`. But the real triumph of Vladimir Konkin was the show of the cult series` meeting place and a way to change nelzya` Volodya Sharapova, who can be regarded as the most striking in his creative biography. From the subsequent role of the actor can be noted in Arcadia `Fathers and detyah` (1983), starring as the children and the dog actor. Unexpectedly for existing roles Konkin was the role in `Shabashkin Dubrovskom` (1988), which marked the end of a certain way `romanticheskogo` period in his work. In the same year Vladimir daughter Sofia, and he went to work in the theater-studio Radomyslenskogo and continued to act, including in characteristic and comic roles (bone in `The Princess and the bobah`, 1997).

The last screen performance Vladimir Alekseevich was Yuri Amelin in `Lenina` Testament (2007). Early termination of the work was stimulated by the fact that in 2009, the actor had to undergo major heart surgery. It was successful, but just three months later from cancer died, Anna Lvovna. Her memory was dedicated to the performance delivered Konkin `Husband, wife and syschik`, work on which they are carried out jointly. In 2013, Vladimir Alexeyevich had to undergo a second operation, and a year later he married his long-standing friend of the family Elena Peresleni. Konkin sons chose a profession of art restorers, and the daughter became a lawyer.

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