Vladimir Ispravnikov

Picture of Vladimir Ispravnikov

Date of Birth: 10/14/1948

Age: 68

Place of birth: a. Nadezhdino

Citizenship: Russia


Born October 14, 1948 in the village of Nadezhdino Omsk region Omsk region. The father - police officer Oleg (1923 - 1972 gg.). Mother -Ispravni kov Zinaida D. (b. 08/03/1927 city). Wife - Ispravnikova Margarita Vitalevna (born 15.12.1959 g.). The daughter - Olga (born 24/11/1985, the.).

He graduated with honors from the Omsk Polytechnic Institute as an engineer-economist (1972) and PhD in Economics from Moscow State University. State University (1978).

He worked at the Omsk Machine-Building Plant (1971-1972 gg.); a teacher in higher educational institutions of Omsk (1974-1990 gg.), head of the department of the Siberian Automobile and Road Institute (1980-1990). In 1990 he was elected deputy of the RSFSR. In the period 1990-1993 GG He worked in the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR: he served as Secretary of the Deputy Chairman, Chairman of the Supreme Economic Council of the RSFSR Supreme Soviet. Since March 1993, he was deputy chairman of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation. He is currently the president of the Foundation for Socio-Economic Research "Advanced Technologies" (1993-present. Time). Doctor of Economic Sciences.

In 1981 he became the laureate of the All-Union competition for young scientists and economists. Since 1993 - Vice-President Volnogoekonomicheskogo Russian society and a member of the International Union of Economists. In 1990 he headed the team of authors for the development and adoption of the Law "On property in the Russian Federation", where for the first time after 1917, private ownership was proclaimed in Russia. In 1993 he was the lead author of the program "The reforms without shock", which received a certain popularity in Russia and abroad as the first alternative (program Gaidar) program of market reforms.

Among the most important publications are: "Reform without shock" (Wiley, 1992, co-authored, the head of a group of authors), "Economic Reform: Priorities and Mechanisms" (Wiley, 1993), "How to continue the reforms in Russia "(Moscow 1996, co-authored with V.V.Kulikovym)," The shadow economy in Russia: a different way and a third force "(Wiley, 1997, co-authored with V.V.Kulikovym).

His favorite pastime considers the work. He is fond of opera music, especially likes to listen to the party from operas by L. Pavarotti. Free time spends in nature - is engaged in fishing. My favorite sport - tennis. In the 70 years was a champion tennis Omsk.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: Russia, 121352, Moscow, ul. Davydkovskaya, d. 5, FSEI "Advanced Technologies". Phone / Fax: (+ 7-095) 445-41-71.