Vladimir Groman

Picture of Vladimir Groman

Age: 66

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from Moscow University.

1909-1914 - headed Penza Bureau of Statistics

1917 - Chairman of the Central Administrative Board of the Food. Anatoly Mariengof Grauman calls "food dictator of Petrograd" in his memoirs.

Wife - O. Ryazanov

Daughter - Groman EV

In 1898 he joined the RSDLP.

After the II Congress of the party stayed on the platform of the Mensheviks.

1905 author of the program of the RSDLP on the agrarian question.

In 1922 he came out of the RSDLP.

VG Groman and VA Bazarov in 1920 - known scientists-economists. In 1926, we proposed a method for planning and assessment of the state of the economy, based on the "tectological" principles, which was recognized by the anti-Marxist.

He is known for having expressed a thesis in the early 1920s that the "October Revolution gave the peasants if less than the February revolution, the October Revolution, in fact, has given nothing to the peasantry." [1]

In his almost unpreserved works, he noted that the economy of the transition period is a kind of capitalist economy and on this based its planning methodology. He denies the existence of the socialist mode of production, considering it a form of state capitalism.

He played for the freedom of market relations, believing that only they will automatically create a control over the production.

Stalin December 27, 1929 at the All-Union Conference of Marxist Agrarians in the report "On the Agrarian Policy in the USSR," pointed out:

"Not suitable for business and interpretation of Bazarov and Groman national economy balance. Chart balance of the Soviet economy must develop the revolutionary Marxists, if they do want to develop questions for Economy in Transition. "(Works, Moscow, 1952 vol.12. S.171-172)

1930 - arrested in the case of the "Union Bureau RSDLP (m)".

1931 - osuzhden to 10 years in prison. He died in prison. Where it pohoroen unknown.

On the application of the typical method to current statistics

Some immediate tasks of the County statistics

By the agrarian program of the Russian Social-Democracy

The methodology of the master plan

The results of the data verification of the State Planning Commission on elements of agricultural production