Vladimir Galitskiy

Picture of Vladimir Galitskiy

Citizenship: Russia

biography ( "The rulers of Russia", "SATIS" St. Petersburg 1993)

Born in Przemysl (Galician) about 1095 g .; has developed with basil Rostislavich, Prince Terebovl (see para. 50), his uncle, bought from captivity of his father, treacherously captured lyahami in 1122 g .; He was with his father and uncle in the Hungarian-Polish camp under the Vladimir-Volyn in 1123 g .; on the death of his father sat down to reign in Zvenigorod (Podolsk) March 13, 1124 g .; ladya not his brother Rostislav, Prince Peremyshl`skii, traveled via Hungary, but forced Mstislav Vladimirovich the Great, Tsar of Kiev, accepted in 1126 r .;

after the death of his brother, Rostislav, Przemysl took himself and his son bratninu, Ivan called Berladnik (from Berlad, or Barlad, a city in Moldova, between the rivers Prut and Se-RETOM), ordered to live in Zvenigorod, ie He did his nephew Prince rogue (bezmestnym), 1129 g .; Boris was a member of strife Kolomanovicha, grandson of Monomakh, with III with a white Blind, King of Hungary, in 1132, and the siege of Chernigov Yaropolk II, Grand Duke of Kiev, in 1138 g .; as an ally Vsevolod II, Grand Duke of Kiev, entered the war in the area of ??the Vladimir-Volyn; but he returned without a fight in 1139 g .;

on the death of the last Vasilkovich, Ivan took his Terebovl itself and becoming edinoderzhtsem country suffered a table in Galich on p. Dniester, 1140 g .; He went by order of Grand Prince Vsevolod II to Poland in 1143 .; fought with the same Grand Duke, but without a fight, paying him only 1200 hryvnia for "works" of silver in 1144 g .; on the occasion of the uprising Ivan Berladnik took with battle and severely punish your Galic, who was friendly to rebel, in 1145 g .; I saw the invasion to him of the great Prince Vsevolod II (cm. 57), but has not lost anything in 1146 g .;

intercessor was peace between the Grand Duke Izyaslav II and his uncle, Prince Yury of Suzdal, the city of Lutsk in 1149 g .; by breaking the world was a supporter of George to Kiev, and got myself in the war with the Hungarians, but escaped with cunning, to 1150 g .; on the way back home, he robbed a tribute to the city of Volyn and broke Mstislav, son of Grand Duke Izyaslav II of, in 1151 g .; broken connected Izyaslav II forces and Hungarians on the river. Sake in 1152 g .; He died suddenly in Galicia in February 1153

The place of burial of his body is no information.

Vladimirka Prince was married, according to Tatishchev, Princess Hungarian and had from her son Yaroslav, Prince Galitsky, nicknamed Osmomysl (see para. 197).