Vladimir Ermolaev

Picture of Vladimir Ermolaev

Date of Birth: 07/28/1892

Age: 89

Place of birth: a. Kansk-Perevozinskoe

Citizenship: Russia


Since 1910 employee of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Museum. In 1913, he took in the museum traveled to Siberia Fridtjof Nansen, who in return gave Yermolaev camera. As a photographer Ermolaev starting this year, participated in a number of ethnographic expeditions to Siberia; a collection of his photographs (more than 4000 negatives) is of great value and is stored in the National Museum of Tuva.

From 1916 he lived in Yermolaev Uryankhai region (Tuva), studying the past and present of the Tuvan people. When in 1929, after a coup in the Tuvan People`s Republic, the country embarked on a close encounter with the RSFSR, Ermolaev was appointed the first director of the newly established State Museum of Tuva and sent to Moscow and Leningrad for the formation of the collection. As a result of Tuvan museum received 66 paintings by Russian and Western European hudozhnikoviz Russian Museum and the Hermitage, as well as a collection of stuffed animals and minerals and so on. N. In the future Yermolaev worked in Tuva State Museum for more than 45 years.

In 1960-ies. Ermolaev published in the Tuvan regional editions of a number of short stories, essays, poetry transcriptions of Tuvan folklore.