Vladimir Drychits

Picture of Vladimir Drychits

Date of Birth: 06/10/1916

Age: 67

Place of birth: Rezekne

Citizenship: Russia


Born (06/10/1916, Rezekne, Latvia - 19.10.1983, Moscow; buried at the cemetery Khovanskoye) - Paleontology, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1963), laureate of USSR State Prize (1977), Professor of Palaeontology Geological Faculty of Moscow State University ( 1964), Deputy. Dean of the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University for Research (1963-1964); Chairman of the Cretaceous Commission Interdepartmental Stratigraphic Committee of the USSR, the Academic Council of the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University with a degree in "Paleontology", member of the National Committee of the biologists of the USSR, the Scientific Council of the USSR on the issue of "Ways and regularities of the development of animals and plants", where he led the sections on cephalopods molluscs and on the preparation of paleontologists frames Methodological Council geological Faculty of Moscow State University, the Expert Council of the USSR Higher Attestation Commission (1976-1983); member of the All-Union Paleontological Society, Moscow Society of Naturalists; chlenredkollegii publisher "Nedra", the magazine "Vestn. Mosk. Univ. Ser geology.". Born in the family of the teacher; In 1936, after passing the exams as an external student secondary school arrives at the Faculty of Geography (1938 - geological and soil) of Moscow University. His teachers were the geological formation YA Orlov, GP Leonov, AN Mazarovich, R. F. Hecker and others. At the beginning of the war, he volunteered in the ranks of the People`s Militia (8th Division Krasnopresnenskaya in Moscow) and participated in the defense of the city Yelnya, Vyazma, Moscow. At Moscow University he returned in 1947 to the Department of Paleontology; his whole life since that time has been associated with the department, headed by Acad. Yuri Orlov; he started research assistant (1947-1948), assistant (1948-1953), associate professor (1954-1963), professor (1964-1983); In 1953 he defended his thesis on "Lower Cretaceous ammonites Crimea and North Caucasus", and in 1963 - his doctoral thesis on "Lower Cretaceous ammonites Biostratigrafiyai Crimea and North Caucasus." He has published more than 120 papers. The scientific activity is devoted to problems of paleontology and biostratigraphy; they created a new trend in the taxonomy and phylogeny of Mesozoic cephalopods, is the use of the ontogenetic method, which served as the basis for the development of the system of Cretaceous ammonoid; since 1969 developed a direction to study the internal skeleton of cephalopods with an electron microscope, developed problems autopaleontology (ratio biocenoses and thanatocoenoses); He justified the selection (with Shimansky VN) from the Palaeozoic of a new era - metazoyskoy. Developed through detailed biostratigraphic subdivision of the Lower Cretaceous deposits of the south of the USSR on the basis of a study ammonoid that were used in the preparation of commonality and correlation schemes stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous of the Crimea and North Caucasus; These stratigraphic schemes used in the design legends to geological maps of the Crimea and North Caucasus. Questions of history of science is reflected in the articles "Paleontology at MSU" (1967, 1977), "50 years of Soviet paleontology" (1976) and Notes on B. Smith (1969), VV Menner (1975), A. Muller ( 1977). I read a number of general and specialized courses: "Paleontology", "Challenges of paleontology", "Methods of paleontological research", "Selected chapters of Paleontology"; He participated in organizing and conducting training practices for geological mapping and fauna of the sea; is the author and co-editor of one of the volumes of the "Fundamentals of paleontology," the author of the textbook "Invertebrate Paleontology" (1974), awarded in 1977, the USSR State Prize, co-author of "palaeobotanical Atlas" (1961), "Paleontology" (1962) and others. Prepared a large group of paleontologists experts; among them - TN Smirnova, IA Mikhailova, TN Gorbachik EI Kuz`micheva, AL Yurina, BT, etc. Yanin.