Vladimir Druzhinin

Picture of Vladimir Druzhinin

Date of Birth: 08/12/1955

Age: 45

Place of birth: village. Dunilovo Yaroslavl region.

Citizenship: Russia


Druzhinin Vladimir Nikolaevich (12.08.1955, pos Dunilovo Yaroslavl region -.. 20.06.2001) The psychologist. He graduated from the Faculty of Psychological and Biology Faculty of Yaroslavl State University (1978). Qualifications: a psychologist, a professor of psychology.

PhD (1982). Doctor of Psychology (1991).

Professor of the Department of the branch of psychology of work and engineering psychology Faculty of Psychology at the Institute of Psychology (1993). taught courses "Psycho general cognitive abilities" in Moscow University.

Zam. Director of the Institute of Psychology (1992).

Research interests: personality psychology, psychometrics differential psychology and psychological testing of general abilities, developmental psychology, theory of psychological experiment. The generalized probabilistic test model and its modifications, allowing to calculate the necessary and sufficient number of tasks in the test, the number of difficulty levels, and response options, and determine the type of measurement scale; The concept of ecological validity of the test, developed typology psycho situations experimentally found dependence of the validity test of situational influences and motivations of the test; The factors of social microenvironment, influence the development of creativity of children, suggested diagnostic technique and creativity in the development of situational role-playing games. On the action logic modification through a procedure describing the structure and process of psychological empirical study proposed a two-dimensional classification of psychological methods. Designed diagnostic techniques of mathematical abilities (mathematical analogies test), mnemonic abilities and the ability to manipulate spatial representations on the educational material.

Thesis: "The change of motivation in the process of training." Subject doctoral dissertation: "Theoretical Foundations of psychological diagnosis of cognitive abilities."

Prepared 3 PhD. He has published over 70 scientific papers.