Vladimir Behterev

Picture of Vladimir Behterev

Date of Birth: 01/20/1857

Age: 70

Place of birth: village of Sora

Citizenship: Russia

Killer diagnosis

Barely having arrived from Leningrad to Moscow, Bekhterev involved in the work I All-Union Congress of neurologists and psychiatrists. Day made a presentation, and then examined the new laboratory of the Institute of psycho-and from there went to the Little Theatre on the enormously popular in the season, "Liubov `.

When I returned to the spectacle felt bad. Professor Burmin prescribed bed rest. By evening spondylitis health deteriorated sharply. This time, together with the profit Burmin Shervinsky professor and two doctors - Constantine and Klimenkov. Both professors morning confirmed the diagnosis - acute gastrointestinal disease; doctors were on duty at night.

However, the night the patient was no longer there. For a quarter of an hour before midnight on December 24, 1927, he died.

Of course, the death of seventy years, the phenomenon is not rare. But who could give Vladimir Mikhailovich his age? The professorial circles was a saying: "indefatigable as Bekhterev". Because he was working 18 hours a day and always tirelessly: writing research papers, students reared simultaneously led over a dozen scientific, educational and governmental organizations. Not surprisingly, in both capitals blew hearing, spondylitis killed.

On that ill-fated Friday Bekhterev he appeared at the congress with a delay of several hours. In response to questions from colleagues annoyance dropped: "I watched a withered paranoid!" After spondylitis performance was invited to the theater museum, where guests are treated to tea is not the sandwiches, not the cake. It is foolish to think that a scientist of world renown could wine and dine in the famous theater of stale food. It is strange that in the last hours at the bedside of the dying were inexperienced, do not know where the doctors worked.

Version of the poisoning spondylitis documented not confirmed. And it is not refuted. However, as the version that withered arm a patient by the name of Stalin was paranoid.